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10 Jan

Vaccinated countries get more diseases

The most vaccinated countries get more of the diseases they’re supposed to stop!



14 Dec

A Nation of Sheep will Beget a Government of Wolves

A Nation of Sheep will Beget a Government of Wolves

— Edward R. Murrow

A Nation of Sheep will Beget a Govt of Wolves

7 Dec

Are Trader Joe’s Salted Potato Chips Really Non-GMO?




Battles are raging to label GMO foods and ban GMO crops across the country. For every win resulting from the democratic process, we are rewarded with a lawsuit brought by agrichemical and Big Food corporations. In Hawaii, a federal judge has overturned laws for pesticide disclosure in Kauai County and a GMO crop ban in Hawaii County. The same federal judge has been assigned to a lawsuit brought by Monsanto and Dow to overturn Maui County’s GMO crop ban. Jackson County, Oregon, is being sued to overturn their GMO crop ban; the state of Vermont is being sued to overturn the first state level mandatory GMO labeling law passed in the U.S.  As Monsanto and their chemical & Big Food cronies work to subvert the democratic process and control our food supply, we fight back and force transparency. We’ve begun our ongoing food testing program and with your support, we’ll continue regular testing for GMOs and glyphosate to hold companies accountable for the ingredients in their products. We need to know what’s in our food.





8 Nov

Matrix: Red Pill or Blue Pill

Let’s take the red pill and see how deep this rabbit hole goes.



25 Oct

Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich in Des Moines, Iowa at “Occupy the World Food Prize” on 14-Oct-2014

Dennis Kucinich in Des Moines talks food sovereignty, at Occupy the World Food Prize. It about taking control of our food supply. the Industrial Corporate food industry doesn’t have our best interests in mind when they knowingly inject poison into our food. It all about profits for them Learn another paradigm to food production and consumption.

Elizabth Kucinich:


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Marianne Williamson endorses Katherine Woodward Thomas

Dear Friends,

When it comes to relationship issues, I don’t think anyone gives deeper insight than my friend and colleague Katherine Woodward Thomas.

Katherine is offering a free online seminar called Calling in the One: How to Release Your Hidden Barriers to Love and Become Magnetic to Your Soulmate on Thursday, October 9, at 5PM PT / 8PM ET.

If you’re trying to dissolve your barriers to attracting  a soulful partnership, I hope you’ll take advantage of the opportunity to join Katherine for this online event at no charge, and learn how to call The One into your life . . .

All my best,