Marianne Williamson endorses Katherine Woodward Thomas

Dear Friends,

When it comes to relationship issues, I don’t think anyone gives deeper insight than my friend and colleague Katherine Woodward Thomas.

Katherine is offering a free online seminar called Calling in the One: How to Release Your Hidden Barriers to Love and Become Magnetic to Your Soulmate on Thursday, October 9, at 5PM PT / 8PM ET.

If you’re trying to dissolve your barriers to attracting  a soulful partnership, I hope you’ll take advantage of the opportunity to join Katherine for this online event at no charge, and learn how to call The One into your life . . .

All my best,

13 Sep

What does “FDA” Stand For

Awesome cartoon — “Fatal Drug Approvers”



Immigration and World Poverty Explained with Gumballs

If you want to understand the U.S. Immigration policy and understand the real numbers, this is presented in a way a 3 year old can understand! Enjoy!

From YouTube:

Immigration – Global humanitarian reasons for current U.S. immigration are tested in this updated version of immigration author and journalist Roy Beck’s colorful presentation of data from the World Bank and U.S. Census Bureau. The 1996 version of this immigration gumballs presentation has been one of the most viewed immigration policy presentations on the internet.

Presented by immigration author/journalist Roy Beck

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Stand up for Net Neutrality

Over the past few months, HBO host John Oliver, hundreds of tech companies, and millions of people like you have come out strong in support of Net Neutrality – the principle protecting free speech online. But right now the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is considering new rules that could kill Net Neutrality. We need your voice to join the chorus telling the FCC to stand up for users and to pass strong rules that actually protect the open internet!

Tell Chairman Tom Wheeler to end network discrimination by reclassifying broadband as a telecommunications service and enforcing real Net Neutrality rules in the United States.

Earlier this year, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler introduced a plan that would allow internet service providers to set up internet “fast lanes” for those who could afford them, and “slow lanes” for everyone else.

Not surprisingly, these rules caused a fast and furious public outcry. If it passes these rules, the FCC would give companies like AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon the green light to crush the founding principles of the open internet. That’s why we at Access — and millions of others — are fighting back. Only by reclassifying broadband as a “telecommunications service”  can the FCC truly protect our rights online.

Tell the FCC to stand up for users and reclassify broadband as a telecommunications service under Title II of the Telecommunications Act.

On July 15, the FCC will close the first public comment period on its proposed rules. Access and other partners have already flooded the FCC with calls, emails, and tweets demanding the FCC protect the open internet. Now it’s time to for you to make your voice heard by posting a comment — we’ll deliver it straight to the FCC.

Don’t let Comcast, AT&T, Verizon and others slow you down. Demand the FCC ensure everyone enjoys the internet as an open platform for creativity, innovation, and free speech.

Lets stop network discrimination in its tracks. Tell the FCC to pass real Net Neutrality rules to protect the open internet. The Access community can stand up for Net Neutrality.

Let’s do this,

Jon Fox
Global Advocacy Manager

1 Jul

The Banker – “Elitest” Poetry, Parody

Hilarious and Clever, but also true and incredibly frightening.

Well done


15 Jun

It’s Official. Big Food Sues Vermont

Today, Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) filed a lawsuit in federal the U.S. District Court, State of Vermont, to overturn Vermont’s recently passed GMO labeling law.

Today, the Organic Consumers Association, through our allied lobbying arm, the Organic Consumers Fund, has committed to contributing as much as we can to defend Vermont’s labeling law, while we also fulfill our $500,000 pledge to help Oregon pass a GMO labeling initiative in November.

These battles that pit consumer health and rights against multi-billion corporations belong to all of us. Can you help us raise $250,000 by [insert date], so we can defend Vermont and push forward in Oregon and other states? 

After years of good old-fashioned work, and playing by the rules, the grassroots labeling movement achieved its first real victory this year, when Vermont passed the first no-strings-attached law requiring mandatory labeling of foods containing genetically modified organisms.

But the rules mean nothing to the rich and powerful companies like Monsanto and Coca-Cola, who belong to one of the country’s most powerful lobbying groups—the GMA.

This is the moment of truth for the grassroots GMO labeling movement. If Monsanto and the GMA succeed in overturning Vermont’s GMO labeling law, lawmakers in the other 29 states that are currently considering GMO labeling bills will drop them like hot potatoes.

We can’t let that happen.Your donation will help us defend Vermont, and pass GMO labeling in Oregon.

Legal experts assure us that Vermont’s labeling law will hold up in court.

But we can’t win in federal court unless we show up. And that means paying a legal team to defend what’s rightfully ours.

This battle is about your health, and the health of your environment.  This battle is about the rights of states to pass laws to protect their citizens.

This is our battle. And it’s going to take all of us pulling together to win it.

Please consider a donation today to defend Vermont’s historical GMO labeling law, and win in Oregon in November. You can donate online, or by mail or phone.

 Thank you!

Ronnie Cummins
National Director, Organic Consumers Association and Organic Consumers Fund

24 May

Boston Federal Reserve Looms over Boston Tea Party site

The Boston Federal Reserve Looms over Boston Tea Party site. This is extreme irony considering the history of both entities: the top bankers look down at the site where we fought against taxation and tyranny. 200+ years later, we see a scene that no one in those days could have ever imagined.


Boston Federal Reserve and Tea Party Museum

A little boy refuses to eat animals – High Consciousness!

This is a great video showing the awareness of a child, as he starts to understand that many of our foods come from killing animals.


25 Apr

The 6 Worst Brands of Bottled Water You Can Buy

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) analyzed the company websites and product labels of over 170 varieties of bottled water to see if the companies disclosed information on where water came from, how the water was treated, and whether the results of tests to ensure purity were revealed.

The researchers also called the bottled water companies to see if they would willingly give information to consumers.

More than half of the bottled water products failed the transparency test. Almost 20 percent didn’t say where their water comes from, and an additional 32 percent did not disclose any information on treatment or purity of water.

According to Yahoo Green:

“Only three brands earned the highest possible… Gerber Pure Purified Water, Nestle Pure Life Purified Water, and Penta Ultra-Purified Water

[S]ix brands got the worst marks in EWG’s report… Whole Foods Italian Still Mineral Water, Vintage Natural Spring Water, Sahara Premium Drinking Water, O Water Sport Electrolyte Enhanced Purified Drinking Water, Market Basket Natural Spring Water, and Cumby’s Spring Water.


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Pastor Anderson & Alex Jones – After the Tribulation

Satan is working behind the scenes to set up a one world government and one world religion in preparation for the Antichrist. He has also deceived modern evangelical Christians into believing that they will be removed from this earth before the great tribulation takes place. This doctrine, known as the pre-tribulation rapture, teaches that Christ may return at any moment, and that there will be no signs of his coming. As a result of this deception, most Christians are completely unprepared for what the Bible has warned us is coming.

In this hard-hitting documentary, film-maker Paul Wittenberger (What in the World are They Spraying? and The Great Culling), Pastor Steven L Anderson, Pastor Roger Jimenez, and creation scientist Kent Hovind, prove from the King James Bible that the rapture will take place AFTER THE TRIBULATION but before God pours out his wrath upon this earth. They also expose Satan’s plans for a global government and new world order.

Download Audio:

[259 mb;  1 hour, 53 min]


The Crucifixion of America by Sean David Morton

Issue 156
Find us on
the web!

MARCH 21-23, 2014


APRIL 7-12, 2014

OCTOBER 17-19, 2014

The Crucifixion of America
by Sean David Morton



The planet Uranus in Aries will square Pluto in Capricorn (exact) seven times between 2012 and March 2015. Squares are bad. Trines are good. Squares create a palpable, measureable force and tension between the planets which affects us in subtle but powerful ways here on Earth. Trines brings the forces of the Cosmos into a time/space of Harmony, love and power. We may not see many of those in the next few years, but there are squares aplenty. Squares of the major outer planets also bring us into times of massive upheaval and social change. There were Five squares of Uranus and Pluto between 1930 and 1933. In that time we saw the collapse of the stock market and then the rest of the financial system. The election of a supreme socialist in the form of FDR, the bankruptcy of the corporation we call The United States, the selling into bondage and slavery every man woman and child in the USA over to a foreign consortium of banks called The Federal Reserve, where we were all given up as collateral for that bankruptcy, the end of legal “de facto” money and the wholesale confiscation of gold and silver. This period began one of the worst financial eras in our history that we call the Depression. At that time over 40% of America was rural and still lived on farms, and yet, still, nearly seven million people across the Union died of starvation. The next economic collapse that is coming, American’s will not be anywhere near as well prepared and not nearly so civil. One neighborhood in Louisiana didn’t get its food stamps for a week and burned down a Wal-Mart. In the 1960s there were three Uranus/Pluto squares that coincidedwith the deaths of JFK, MLK and RFK, riots in the streets, escalation in Viet Nam and the very beginning of the decline of Western Civilization with the rise of the radical hippie and drug culture. Coming at us are there more and they will be the very worst yet.April 21-23, 2014, December 15, 2014 and March 17, 2015. The April date coincides with what is known as a Grand Cross and begins in earnest with the crucifixion of America. Thanks to radio shows like mine,, which airs from 6pm to 8pm Eastern time, enough people began to tune in to the truth of what is going on in the world and Tune Out the M.S.M. – Main Stream Media, which trotted out the same old dog and pony show (and I love dogs and ponies!) that they used in Iraq to try to hoodwink and con the Sheeple of America into another bloody, useless war in Syria. But even sheep can smell a wolf downwind, and the whole world is beginning to wake up and smell what a wolf Barry Sotoro, er, Harrison J. Bonnell, er, I mean, Barack Obama (or whatever he is calling himself this week!) is. So the Prizzie of the United Stezzie could not sell one more load to lead us into war. This is the radical, revolutionary side of Uranus in Aries. We are not only no falling for it anymore, but will begin to act with armed revolt. But the presence of Assad and Vladimir Putin are still very troubling in the long term. After all, it was during the previous occurrence of the 79-year Mercury/Mars synodic return cycle to the 1776 chart of the formation of the US (the same cycle occurring again this year) that Hitler first came to power, and we eventually had to deal with him personally during our national Uranus return to its 1776 natal placement in Gemini. But after April 21-23, 2014, nothing in America will be the same. But there are so many straws that it is hard to tell which exact one breaks the camel’s back!
Remote Viewing classes I taught for several years in a row at the NEWLIFE EXPO from 1995 to 1997 I did a certain exercise where I took my students into the future. I asked them all to look at New York City in the year 2015. What they saw was remarkable in that it was either a shared vision, or a group hallucionation. None of them saw the World Trade Centers, and they saw large sections of the city flooded and underwater, including Flooded Subways and a Waterfall in the whole where the WTCs used to be. A slow evacuation had occurred and New York City just became progressively unliveable. Here is why your city will flood. Since 1945 magnetic north had been marching inexorably north towards True North or the nodal axis point of the Earth. Due to massive atomic, hydrogen and cobalt bomb testing world-wide this has knocked the planet off its
axis and untethered magnetic north from the core of the earth. The Rand Corp. and the US Military believed that when True and Mag North met in 2012 to 2016 we would see a polar or electromagnetic shift of the Earth’s poles. In December, 2009, remarkably and inexplicably magnetic north took a hard right turn and started marching toward Siberia. It has now moved nearly 1,200 KM into the Siberian sea. But this has also altered the course of the Siberian or Polar Express. Far
from being a train filled with presents from a Christmas story, this is blasts of ice cold air that used to come over the pole and blast the mid-west. Well NOW that “Polar Vortex” is coming over the poles slamming into the East Coast. Meanwhile, after the Deep Water Horizon dumped millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, British Petroleum and the US Govt., instead of letting the oil sit on the surface, used a chemical called Cor-Exit to sink it to the ocean floor. But this desalynated all
the water, and it disrupted and virtually stopped the flow of the warm water Gulf Stream called the Atlantic Conveyor. This warm water comes up from South America, through the Gulf, around Florida and up the East Coast to eventually dump warmth on Europe. Now the warm water and the warm air that comes with it is bearly getting up as high as the Carolinas, and it is slamming into the Siberian Express and creating The Perfect Storm…but this will now be year, after year, after year.
(See the movie The Day After Tommorrow!) Be warned! Stay warm!
Sean David Morton will be speaking at the NEWLIFE EXPO in
New York City, March 21-23. For more information, visit
By Dr. Sean-David Morton, PhD….to read the full article and more  please visit our website
8 Mar

META Center & 13 HANDS Present Kirtan, World Chant & Community Concert – Part 2, The Sequel

META Center & 13 HANDS Present

Wednesday, March 12th
Kirtan, World Chant & Community Concert – Part 2, The Sequel 
13 Hands (aka Dalien)
7:00pm – 9:00pm

13 Hands (aka Dalien) is back with the sequel to last months healing kirtan/chant and music event! He’ll be back with more world music and inspirational songs. Native flutes, guitars, harmonium, hang drum and percussion will allow for a fun and interactive journey to opening the heart.The night will begin again with a short, grounding sound meditation to connect us to our breath.

He brings a world music array of Indian, African and Native American music styles along with beautifully inspiring songs for everyone to join in on; while offering ambient, healing, world music and shamanic approaches to support the chanting and deep opening of the heart.

Kirtan, or call and response chanting, is an interactive form of spiritual music where the audience sings/chants back the words (mantras) with powerful spiritual intentions/prayers being offered for all. His events are family friendly and you are encouraged to bring a drum, rattle or shaker for various parts of the evening!

13 Hands is a two-time Grammy nominee, kirtan wallah, Professor of Yoga who’s been involved in the holistic, contemporary, world and shamanic healing applications of music and yoga for 20 years. He tours about 100 events a year at festivals and yoga/spiritual/retreat centers, has an inspiring near death journey/rebirth of curing Crohns and other endocrine challenges and has shared his wisdom and music alongside renown authors, spiritual leaders, yoga instructors, healers and contemporary and world/chant artists. Info:

$20 in advance or bring a friend (2 for $30 in advance). Register via PayPal or call META Center at 212 736 0999 Ext. 1. to register. Credit card (MC, Visa & Discover Cards), checks and cash in advance. Children under 15 free. $25 cash only at the door.
17 Feb

Organic Bytes – For Whom the Bee Tolls

GMOs Are Killing the Bees, Butterflies, Birds and . . . ?

  • By Katherine Paul and Ronnie Cummins
    Organic Consumers Association, February 14, 2014

“It is ironic to think that man might determine his own future by something so seemingly trivial as the choice of an insect spray.” – Rachel Carson, Silent Spring

We know neonicotinoids, a class of pesticides, have been implicated in the mass die-off of honeybees.

But did you know who makes neonics? Syngenta, Bayer CropSciences and Dow Agrosciences.

And did you know who uses them, and for what purpose? Companies like Monsanto, Bayer, Dow Agrosciences . . . in the herbicides and pesticides and seeds they sell to farmers who grow genetically engineered crops. Crops that eventually end up in our food, or in the feed used to fatten up animals in factory farms—animals we slaughter for food.

We need bees in order to grow food, or at least some of it. Yet the food—GMO food—we are growing is killing the bees.

Read the essay

The Day We Fight Back Against Mass Surveillance – Feb 11 2014


22 Jan

New Harmony Connections Calendar Website


Harmony Connections website!

Click Below to see Calendar

Specializing in the top Festivals, Conferences, Concerts, Community Gatherings,
Well Known Transformational Teachers, and supporting Community Causes
in the Bay Area that assist our Community and Planet.
1- Post for FREE on the website
2- Get promoted in Harmony Connections eNewsletter,
going to 65,000 subscribers, every other week.
3- Complete Marketing Package available:
Banners, Media Releases, Flyering

Southern CA from Jan 31st – Feb. 2nd

Harmony Connections is giving away tickets to the premier raw living foods lifestyle event in the world. The Raw Living Expo is a multi-day raw living foods and higher consciousness community celebration extravaganza with DJ Dance Parties, Professional Chef Demos, Live Music, Speakers, Workshops, RawTalks, Exhibitors, Sponsors, Networking Activities, Yoga, QiGong & more. Also do not miss Friday Night’s Green Carpet walk-in Awards Dinner Gala featuring food created by Jillian Love, and much more…

Click to Win Free Tickets to Raw Living Expo
The Summit of Qigong Masters
Online Video Summit Of 12 Qigong Luminaries
Jan 22-25
Winter of Wellness
90-Days to a Life of Optimum Health
Jan 27-Mar 28
Celebrate Health in Petaluma!!
Sat, Jan 25
Petaluma, CA
Nourish Your Heart
Women’s Daylong to Replenish Your Sacred Well
Sun, Jan 26
Petaluma, CA
Music, Visionary Art, Workshops, Yoga, Community
Jan 30-Feb 2
Wailuku (Maui), HI
Raw Living Expo w/ LIVE STREAMING
A Celebration of Raw Living Foods
Jan 31-Feb 2
Thousand Oaks, CA
Habib Koité
Biggest pop star of the West African Nation of Mali
Sat, Feb 1
San Francisco, CA
Conscious Life Expo LAX Hilton
A Four Day Explosion Of Collective Consciousness!
Feb 7-10
Los Angeles, CA
2014 PantheaCon Celebration
Pagan Heathen Wiccan Indigenous Spiritual
Feb 14-17
San Jose, CA
Kitaro with Santa Rosa Symphony
World Tour with music from Silk Road & others
Fri, Feb 14
Rohnert Park, CA
Envision 2014
Envision Music, Art and Sacred Movement Festival
Feb 20-23
Cuba: Yoga and Culture Exchange
A Journey Combining Yoga & Cultural Activities in Cuba
Mar 1-8
Life,Death, Near Death and Beyond 
Conference and exploration with special guest Ram Dass
Mar 6-9
Huelo, Maui,, HI

The Summit of Qigong Masters

Online Video Summit Of 12 Qigong Luminaries

Jan 22-25


The Summit of Qigong Masters

Join Teja Fudo Myoo Bell, Jerry Alan Johnson, Effie Chow and 9 other luminaries of Qigong and Taoist Arts in a free online video summit.
Abundance through Being in the Flow is the theme of this summit.
Join The Summit of Qigong Masters
and learn their secrets of the Art of Being in the Flow!
January 21st through January 25th 2014

[Use this link: …Read More

Winter of Wellness

90-Days to a Life of Optimum Health

Jan 27-Mar 28


Are you ready to break through old patterns of struggle, stress, scarcity and sickness? Do you want to step into a life of vitality, joy and love for your body, mind, heart and soul?

There is a powerful positive, transformational energy awakening in the world — and in YOU. The vibration within the collective consciousness has never been more conducive to creating optimal wellness on all…Read More



Celebrate Health in Petaluma!!

Sat, Jan 25
The Sunflower Center
Petaluma, CA


We think that healthy eating is the key to living a long and prosperous life. Come and help us celebrate our 2nd year anniversary at The Sunflower Center (home of Lydia’s Organics) in Petaluma! Here’s to community, cultural diversity, great musicians, and great performances!

20% Off Everything in Store Including Food!

Astrud/The Cosmic Caravan/Steve Bamm – 12PM
Francisco…Read More

Nourish Your Heart

Women’s Daylong to Replenish Your Sacred Well

Sun, Jan 26
The Sunflower Center (part of the NEW Lydia’s Organics!)
Petaluma, CA


• Amplify & integrate different energies of LOVE in a unique & powerful way –– so that you may have more harmony in your relationships, more self-love & an improved ability to serve others.
• Receive potent tools for better resiliency in the face of challenges.
• Gain a new, sharable method to heal core issues and fill in the void.
•…Read More


Music, Visionary Art, Workshops, Yoga, Community

Jan 30-Feb 2
Wailuku (Maui), HI


Aloha! You are invited to the 7th annual Mystic Island Festival. It’s a 4-day transformational leadership summit and cultural gathering with some of the leading global thinkers of our time, in a magical ocean-view setting on 200+ acres of wilderness land the sunny side of Maui, with plenty of showers, pool, workshops, music and all activities including options to stay in cabins with BEDS…Read More

Raw Living Expo w/ LIVE STREAMING

A Celebration of Raw Living Foods & Higher Consciousness

Jan 31-Feb 2
Hyatt Westlake Plaza
Thousand Oaks, CA


The Raw Living Expo is a multi-day raw living foods and higher consciousness community celebration extravaganza with DJ Dance Parties, Professional Chef Demos, Live Music, Speakers, Workshops, RawTalks, Exhibitors, Sponsors, Networking Activities, Yoga, QiGong & more! Nestled in the valley just above Los Angeles in Westlake Village, the 3-day event features a pre-party Thursday, January 30 as…Read More

Habib Koité

Sat, Feb 1
Nourse Theater
San Francisco, CA


“His reputation as a guitar player has become almost mythical, combining rock and classical techniques with Malian tunings that make the guitar sound like a kora or ngoni.”-New York Times

“The biggest pop star of the West African nation of Mali.”-Rolling Stone

“…in his case, the unfamiliarity of the language was no problem, largely because of his communicative manner-kneeling down at the…Read More

Conscious Life Expo LAX Hilton

A Four Day Explosion Of Collective Consciousness!

Feb 7-10
Los Angeles Airport Hilton Hotel
Los Angeles, CA


The 12th Annual Conscious Life Expo brings together a dynamic and eclectic community of speakers, exhibitors, artists, visionaries, musicians and filmmakers. Join us for in this enlightening 4-day explosion on how to transform your life in the areas of health, spirituality, healthy lifestyles, as well as exploring innovations in science that can help change lives. Connect with like minded friends…Read More

2014 PantheaCon Celebration

Pagan Heathen Wiccan Reconstructionist Indigenous Spiritual

Feb 14-17
DoubleTree Hotel
San Jose, CA


Who’s counting? I AM! Join our huge and varied Pagan, Heathen, Wiccan, Reconstructionist, Indigenous, spiritual and magical groups in education and celebration. As usual, we fill the hotel’s 18 function rooms with concerts, workshops, rituals, and presentations, including 4 ballrooms for Vendors along with open house parties.

Conference Membership: Get your Membership online for $75 from…Read More

Kitaro with Santa Rosa Symphony

World Tour with music from Silk Road & others

Fri, Feb 14
Weill Hall at Green Music Center
Rohnert Park, CA


Grammy and Golden Globe Award-winning artist (and Sonoma County resident) Kitaro will debut his World Tour with the Santa Rosa Symphony at Weill Hall, Green Music Center. The Symphony performs with the world-renowned “founding architect of New Age music” at an 8 p.m. performance that benefits Sonoma Land Trust, Everybody is a Star Foundation and the Santa Rosa Symphony’s educational…Read More

Envision 2014

4th annual Envision Music, Art and Sacred Movement Festival

Feb 20-23
Rancho la Merced


By celebrating awakening our human potential, Envision provides a platform for inspiring one another through art, spirituality, yoga, music, dance, and our fundamental connection with nature.

The 4th annual Envision Music, Art and Sacred Movement Festival will take place February 20th – 23rd on the Southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Join us in the sun for world class education, art,…Read More

Cuba: Yoga and Culture Exchange

A Journey Combining Yoga & Cultural Activities in Cuba

Mar 1-8


With special host, Bay Area Iyengar yoga instructor. Janet MacLeod*

This exciting new program Yoga and Culture Exchange, is a rich and highly interactive
“people to people” journey that combines yoga with a variety of activities designed to introduce you to the people, art, music and culture of Cuba. Don’t miss this unforgettable adventure with PlazaCUBA and Janet MacLeod!

Daily…Read More

Life,Death, Near Death and Beyond

A conference and exploration with special guest Ram Dass

Mar 6-9
Hale Akua Garden Farm
Huelo, Maui,, HI


At a gorgeous certified organic farm brimming with life, together we will look at the issues of life, death, near death and beyond. Ram Dass and Bodhi Be will speak about compassionate hospice and conscious green burial. Patrick McCollum, Kimberly Clark Sharp and Ellie Schamber have all had near death experiences (NDE’s) and will share what they have learned from them. Dan Drasin will show his…Read More

Gerald Celente gives his Economic Predictions for 2014

World renown economist Gerald Celente talks about what is ahead in 2014: resistance against the Euro, Global economies suffering, Obamacare, China, and rising gold prices.

Download Audio:


30 Dec
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Marianne Williamson for Congress, U.S. House, California District 33

Marianne Williamson For Congress
Dear All Hearing Ear,

Happy New Year! I hope 2014 will bring you everything your heart is longing for.

During the last two and a half months I’ve embarked on a campaign, in the words of Robert F. Kennedy, “not merely for the politics of America but for the soul of America.” I would not be doing this if I felt our political system was going to uplift itself. Quite to the contrary, it seems clear to me that if we the American people want a more enlightened political conversation, then we ourselves are going to have to start it. The politics of same-old same-old needs to be replaced now with a vital debate reflecting wisdom and values and love.

It is time for a new conversation in American politics, and I feel I can help create it.

If you’re like me, you don’t really pay much attention to fundraising deadlines. But here’s why this is important: I can win this race, but we need to raise money to give us the resources to train and equip our volunteers. With your help—and only with your help—I can wage a competitive campaign that fundamentally transforms our political debate.

An increasingly undemocratic trend is tearing at the heart of our country, as a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” has in too many ways become a government “of a few of the people, by a few of the people, and for a few of the people.” This situation is both unfair and unsustainable. Yet it is unreasonable to expect the political status quo to address this situation, because the political status quo created it.  I hope you will help me say so in a way that can make a serious political difference.

Please click here to donate before the end of the year, so we can have the resources to start 2014 strong and ready for the best campaign possible.

I’m honored and deeply grateful for your support. A campaign is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. I thank you for running this one with me.

Love, peace and victory …


Audio link

19 Dec

A Year of Miracles by Marianne Williamson

Dear Friends,

By changing our thoughts from fear to love, we attract miracles into our lives.

My new book, A Year of Miracles, gives you a year full of daily spiritual guidance—prayers, meditations, declarations, and affirmations—to help open your mind to the realities of the miraculous. By following the path of love, we can expect miracles every day. May 2014 be your year of infinite possibilities.

Pre-order and enjoy!

All my best to you,



Please check Marianne’s website at
A complete listing of upcoming Lectures and Events


23 Nov

Discover Magazine deliberately twists GMO Debate – SHAME!

In the December 2013 issue of Discover Magazine, there is an article entitled “The Discover 2033 Holiday Gift Guide” where imaginary future technological items are theorized. One such disturbing item in the “Perfect Imperfection Home Garden”, states:

But those traditional farmers protesting the contamination of their heirloom crops back in the earl [2020's] with windblown GMO seed may have had a point. There is something appealing about the occasional lopsided apple or squiggle-shaped summer squash. Now you can enjoy all the enhanced vitamin content, increased pest resistance and decreased water needs of of a genetically modified vegetable and still serve salads that have a homey, rustic touch.

Really, Discover Magazine? You have the audacity to print that whole farmer/GMO debate is that farmers are upset because GMO foods are SO perfect looking that it’s putting them out of business? This is a disgrace and a disservice to the communities and farmers that are working day and night to spread the words about the DANGERS of ingesting genetically modified foods, and the fight to get them labeled. How dare you minimize this effort by deliberately misinforming the public about what the debate is about. The men and women struggling at the voting booths to make a change, organizing massive marches across the nation, holding signs in the rain to protest Monsanto — is NOT about wanting a homey rustic touch on their tables! No, we will never “enjoy” GMO foods — we hope you “enjoy” your payoffs from big-Agra for your article that portrays them as the clear winners in this dispute. What dripping propaganda. SHAME!Discover_Magazine_Dec_2013_GMO

























Red Box Zoomed in:


23 Nov

Spotlight on Pamm Larry – GMO Label Activist

Pamm Larry


  • Organization: Label GMOs
  • How the nominee exhibited innovation

    Genetically modified foods have been foisted upon Americans unknowingly since 1996. They have sneaked them into our diets, without telling us, and without proving they are safe for us to consume. Learning about this issue, Pamm Larry, worried about the health of her children and grandchildren, as well as all future generations, decided it was time foods should be labeled if they contained genetically modified ingredients (GMOs). When foods are labeled, people will become more aware of how much genetically engineered food they eat, and can choose to eliminate them from their diets. Some states have tried to pass legislation to label GMOs and the large biotech corporations have threatened to sue. As a result, many states’ legislatures have backed away from the issue. Here in California, Pamm Larry got up a ballot initiative on the Nov. 2012 election and rallied the troops from a grassroots base, recruiting other moms, dads, grandparents, and generally concerned people. It was very narrowly defeated, about 49% to 51%. It was very frustrating for those of us who worked on the campaign. But early in 2013 she traveled around California, meeting with the people who helped with the Prop 37 campaign, to energize them into further action. My group met with her in February. She told us of the good things that had happened as a result of the Prop 37 campaign, of how many other states now have something in the works to get labeling laws passed, and that the general awareness of GMOs was greatly increased. She told us how we still have a job to do. We need to continue educating the public about the health risks of GMOS and how to avoid them. She encouraged us to keep the issue alive and visible, for another possible California ballot initiative in an upcoming election, and to help support other states in their bids for GMO labeling laws. We need to continue contacting our elected representatives about this issue. Our group was inspired to form Label GMOs IE (Inland Empire chapter of Label GMOs). Six of us who met with her in February have continued to meet monthly since then and grow our group. We host screenings of videos about GMOs, we set up info tables and interactive displays at various events, and we continue to fundraise to provide GMO-related literature to the public. This is her innovation, that Pamm Larry turned the lemons of Prop 37 defeat into the lemonade of continued effort and progress.



23 Nov
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A Pale Blue Dot – Carl Sagan

This video puts everything in perspective. We’re fighting for corners of a pixel within a pixel of the universe.


A Fourth Reich In The Sun? – Hitler’s Escape to Argentina

A Fourth Reich In The Sun? – Hitler’s Escape to Argentina

Patrick Henningsen interviews Gerrard Williams, the former Duty Editor at Reuters Television and Foreign Duty Editor at The BBC, Sky News and APTN and author of the book Grey Wolf. Patrick and Gerrard take a deeper look into one of the greatest the untold stories of World War II, where Adolf Hitler and many other top Nazis including Martin Bormann, escaped to Argentina after the Fall of Berlin in 1945.

In addition, they investigate the active role of many top US and German international corporations had in supporting the Nazi war machine during the war, as well as top Nazi involvement in the formation of the Bilderberg Group after WWII.

Independent journalist Patrick Henningsen, is the managing editor of 21st Century Wire, which delivers news and exposés on intelligence, foreign policy, media propaganda, climate change, the war on terror, technology, Wall Street and the Geo-Political agenda of the global elite.

Patrick Henningsen’s website:

Like “Dismantle The Matrix” on Facebook:…

Follow “Dismantle The Matrix” on Twitter:

[117 mb;  51 min]



29 Oct

Fukushima Is Here

Reposted from (see this site for complete article)

Fukushima is Here.300dpi.jpg

Fukushima is Here.300dpi (2).jpg500 people assembled on October 19th on Ocean Beach in San Francisco and formed the letters with their bodies to demonstrate their growing concern about eventual fallout on the west coast. Credit and More Information:

Radiation Levels Will Concentrate in Pockets at Certain  West Coast Locations

An ocean current called the North Pacific Gyre is bringing Japanese radiation to the West Coast of North America:

North Pacific Subtropical Convergence Zone FDA Refuses to Test Fish for Radioactivity ... Government Pretends Radioactive Fish Is Safe

The leg of the Gyre closest to Japan – the Kuroshio current – begins right next to Fukushima:

Kuroshio Current - Colour show water speed.  Blue slowest; red fastest

While many people assume that the ocean will dilute the Fukushima radiation, a previously-secret 1955 U.S. government report concluded that the ocean may not adequately dilute radiation from nuclear accidents, and there could be “pockets” and “streams” of highly-concentrated radiation.

Physicians for Social Responsibility notes:

An interesting fact for people living on the US west coast is also included in the UNSCEAR [United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation] report: only about 5% of the directly discharged radiation was deposited within a radius of 80 km from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power station. The rest was distributed in the Pacific Ocean. 3-D simulations have been carried out for the Pacific basin, showing that within 5–6 years, the emissions would reach the North American coastline, with uncertain consequences for food safety and health of the local population.

The University of Hawaii’s International Pacific Research Center created a graphic showing the projected dispersion of debris from Japan:

Last year, scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory and 3 scientists from the GEOMAR Research Center for Marine Geosciences showed that radiation on the West Coast of North America could end up being 10 times higher than in Japan:

After 10 years the concentrations become nearly homogeneous over the whole Pacific, with higher values in the east, extending along the North American coast with a maximum (~1 × 10−4) off Baja California.


With caution given to the various idealizations (unknown actual oceanic state during release, unknown release area, no biological effects included, see section 3.4), the following conclusions may be drawn. (i) Dilution due to swift horizontal and vertical dispersion in the vicinity of the energetic Kuroshio regime leads to a rapid decrease of radioactivity levels during the first 2 years, with a decline of near-surface peak concentrations to values around 10 Bq m−3 (based on a total input of 10 PBq). The strong lateral dispersion, related to the vigorous eddy fields in the mid-latitude western Pacific, appears significantly under-estimated in the non-eddying (0.5°) model version. (ii) The subsequent pace of dilution is strongly reduced, owing to the eastward advection of the main tracer cloud towards the much less energetic areas of the central and eastern North Pacific. (iii) The magnitude of additional peak radioactivity should drop to values comparable to the pre-Fukushima levels after 6–9 years (i.e. total peak concentrations would then have declined below twice pre-Fukushima levels). (iv) By then the tracer cloud will span almost the entire North Pacific, with peak concentrations off the North American coast an order-of-magnitude higher than in the western Pacific.

20 Oct

Boycott the Brands that Blocked Your Right to Know!

$45 Million in Lies and Dirty Tricks Killed Prop 37 – It’s Payback Time!

Please sign the pledge below to let the following companies know you’re joining the boycott. These companies make billions of dollars selling organic and “natural” brands, yet they spent millions to defeat Prop 37, CA Right to Know’s ballot initiative to label genetically modified food. Click the hyperlinks to contact specific brands.

• PepsiCo (Donated $2.5M): Naked JuiceTostito’sTropicanaLoózaIzzeSabraSmartfoodStacy’sMother’s and Near East
• Kraft, recently became Mondelez (Donated $2M): Boca Burgers and Back to Nature
• Safeway (Member of Grocery Manufacturers Association, which donated $2M):“O” Organics
• Coca-Cola (Donated $1.7M): Honest Tea, Odwalla
• General Mills (Donated $1.2M):  Muir Glen, Cascadian Farm, Larabar
• Con-Agra (Donated $1.2M): Orville Redenbacher’s Organic, Hunt’s Organic, Lightlife, Alexia
• Kellogg’s (Donated $791k): Kashi, Bear Naked, Morningstar Farms, Gardenburger
• Smucker’s (Donated $555k ): R.W. Knudsen, Santa Cruz Organic
• Unilever (Donated $467k): Ben & Jerry’s
• Dean Foods (Donated $254k): Horizon, Silk, White Wave

See for more information and to join the boycott!


7 Oct

ACTION ALERT for Label GMO Nevada


Thank you for your continued support to get GMOs labeled in Nevada. We need your help to stop what is most likely the largest threat to our national sovereignty including our food freedom. 

Please take a moment to call your representatives!  

It takes less than a minute and tells your Congressmen how you feel!

By forwarding this to your friends and family, we can spread the word so our representatives know how Nevadans feel. 

“I am calling to request that Congressman/Senator Vote ‘No’ on Fast Track Trade Authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Fast Track undermines the checks and balances of Congress and puts too much power in the hands of the president. It   is important to me that the TPP is not signed for many reasons including my concerns about the economy, the environment and our state’s right to mandate GMO Labeling.”


Leave a message with your name and address.  As a voter in their district, they need to hear from you. 


Northern Nevada Residents:

Congressman Mark Amodei  


 Southern Nevada Residents:

 Congresswoman Dina Titus


 Congressman Joe Heck


 Congressman Steven Horsford


State Senators (Northern and Southern Nevada Residents):

Senator Dean Heller                 Senator Harry Reid    

(202)224-6244 (202)224-3542 



Obama said he wants to see the TPP made law by October. He may get that wish if Congress grants fast-track authority allowing him to sign the agreement without pre-approval by Congress.


What is the TPP?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a treasonous “trade” agreement that would establish a free-trade zone between the United States and 11 other countries, including Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Peru and Singapore. Japan will also join the agreement, meaning TPP countries will account for nearly 40 percent of global gross domestic product and about one-third of all world trade. This 29 chapter anti-democracy text (only 4-5 chapters on trade) has been negotiated in secret, not accessible to American citizens and is authored by many         corporations, including Monsanto.  Multi-national corporations would be given nation-like status, totally undermining democracy. This loss of state/nation sovereignty would cause existing protective laws to be problematic and future laws to be seen as futile.


What will TPP do?

-  TPP will limit food GMO labeling and allow the import of goods that do not meet US safe standards.

              -The TPP would COMPLETELY undermine GMO labeling and bans: both past & future, because labeling and bans are considered “barriers to trade”

             - TPP will offshore millions of good-paying jobs to low-wage nations, undercutting working conditions globally and increasing unemployment.

              -TPP will expand pharmaceutical monopoly protections and institute longer patents that will decrease access to affordable medications

             - TPP will give multinational corporations and private investors the right to sue nations in private tribunals. These tribunals have the power to overturn environmental, labor, or any other laws that limit profit, awarding taxpayer funded damages.

              -TPP will institute SOPA, PIPA, and CISPA-like regulations and Internet measures which restrict our right to free speech.

              -TPP will roll back Wall Street regulations, and prohibit bans on risky financial services.



·         Taken from

       Taken from Yes! Magazine:

       Taken from GMO FreeWashington:


Visit for more information!

Kiki Corbin ND CTN, ACSGC

775-887-8843 w

808-987-8179 c

Skype: kiki.corbin

7 Oct

Top 3 Reasons Angels & Entrepreneurs Walk Away from Deals


From Blackstone Valley Group…

 It is 11PM EST on a Friday night.  You just got off the phone from your lawyer and all the paperwork is in order.  The Board has given you 24 -72 hrs to pull the trigger.  You have spent last 3-6 months getting it to the finish line.  Yet come Monday the deal didn’t go through? Either the entrepreneur walked away or we did….

Does this happen frequently? I don’t know; but would say it is infrequent occurrence but heartbreaking when it happens at this stage. The essential question is Why? What Happened? What led to both sides devoting time/money/resources but were not able to close the deal? Of course, not all deals get unraveled last minute.  A few fall during enhanced due diligence.  Many fall away during the term sheet negotiations (majority).  But the ones which hurt the most (to the Angel/VC and to the Entrepreneur are the ones where only a signature is awaited for executions. The feeling is like being left alone at the altar – with the whole world watching. The time it happened with us – the Entrepreneur team decided to walk away as they wanted to keep exploring more lucrative terms.I wanted to share a few common attributes I analyzed the deals which didn’t get through. I have tried looking at this from different perspectives – the Angel/VC, the Entrepreneur/Founder and my own personal take.

Read the rest!

IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance Between Nazi Germany and America’s Most Powerful Corporation

IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance Between Nazi Germany and America’s Most Powerful Corporation-Expanded Edition

IBM and the Holocaust is the award-winning, New York Times bestselling shocker–a million copies in print–detailing IBM’s conscious co-planning and co-organizing of the Holocaust for the Nazis, all micromanaged by its president Thomas J Watson from New York and Paris. This Expanded Edition offers 37 pages of previous unpublished documents, pictures, internal company correspondence, and other archival materials to produce an even more explosive volume. Originally published to extraordinary praise in 2001, this provocative, award-winning international bestseller has stood the test of time as it chronicles the story of IBM’s strategic alliance with Nazi Germany. IBM and the Holocaust provides nothing less than a chilling investigation into corporate complicity. Edwin Black’s monumental research exposes how IBM and its subsidiaries helped create enabling technologies for the Nazis, step-by-step, from the identification and cataloging programs of the 1930s to the selections of the 1940s.

February 16, 2012 0914153277 978-0914153276 Expanded
5 Oct

$17.1 Million Worth of Lies

How many lies will $17.1 million buy? Enough to sink another GMO labeling initiative?

Opponents of I-522, Washington State’s initiative to require mandatory labeling of GMOs, hope so. They’re banking on their ability to broadcast enough lies, often enough, to enough voters, to defeat I-522.

And if they do, the GMO labeling movement might not recover.

In 13 short days, Washington State voters will begin mailing in their ballots. In 31 days – on November 5 – it will all be over.

That’s all the time we have left to raise enough money to reach every voter in Washington State.

Our opponents are desperate. And filthy rich. A dangerous combination.

Their lies are familiar to us. But maybe not so to millions of voters who are hearing about GMOs for the first time.

Who are “they”? The NO on I-522 campaign is funded by Monsanto. Dow. Dupont. Bayer. BASF. And the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA). The GMA has kicked in $7.2 million on behalf of food companies like Pepsi, General Mills, Coca-Cola, Kraft and others – cowardly companies that are funneling their donations through the GMA to avoid the kind of bad publicity that came raining down on them last year, when they publicly donated to defeat a GMO labeling initiative in California.

Who are “we”? We are moms who want better food choices for our families. We are students. And grandparents. We are republicans, democrats, independents. We are blue-collar and white-collar workers. We are old. We are young.

We are fed up with letting Monsanto, the giant GMA lobbying group, the FDA and the USDA poison our food. And trample our rights.

We are the GMO labeling movement. And it’s up to us to win this key battle.

Please make a generous donation today. Every dime you donate here will go directly to the YES on I-522 campaign. Thank you!

25 Sep

The Scole Experiment

The Scole Experiment chronicles the extraordinary results of a five-year investigation into life after death. At the beginning of 1993 four psychic researchers embarked on a series of experiments in the Norfolk village of Scole. The subsequent events were so astounding that senior members of the prestigious Society for Psychical Research asked to observe, test and record what took place.

3 Sep
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Powers of Ten™ (1977)

A great video showing you the relativity of the size of the universe all the way down to the cells. What is most amazing, is that this was done in 1977!


22 Aug

Peace Portal Activation August 25th, 2013

On August 25th, a very important portal will open that will bring a strong infusion of Light into the conflicted situation on the surface of this planet.
On that day, the next grand sextile astrological configuration of this summer after the grand sextile of July 29th will take place:
This configuration will be more powerful than the previous grand sextile because in addition to the grand sextile of the Moon, Jupiter, Sun/Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and Neptune, the astrological chart of August 25th also includes a cardinal cross of Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Venus.

Therefore the activation of the Peace Portal will offer an unique opportunity to transform the tension of Uranus/Pluto square (intensified on that day with Jupiter and Venus into a cardinal cross) with the harmonizing effects of the grand sextile. This means that all deeply rooted conflicts on the surface of the planet can begin to finally begin resolving if the critical mass of 144,000 people activating this portal is achieved.
This is time-sensitive and needs to go viral! We need to reach masses of people, so that the critical mass of people actually doing it is attained. Please post it on your websites and blogs. Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this meditation can actually save human lives:

We are all doing this activation at 11 hours 11 minutes pm Cairo time on August 25th. This equals 11:11 pm in Central Europe, 10:11 pm in UK, 5:11 pm EDT, 4:11 pm CDT, 3:11 MDT and 2:11 PDT. For other locations and other time zones, you can see this link: 


1. Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes

2. Visualize a pillar of electric blue Light, coming from the Galactic Central Sun and then descending down through your body

3. Visualize that Light flowing through your heart and then through your hands directly into the Syria conflict, the Egypt liberation process, prison camps of North Korea and all other unresolved situations on the planet, filling them with Light and eliminating all darkness which exists there

4. Ask the Goddess presence (divine feminine) to come through your body

5. Ask that Goddess presence to direct energies of peace and harmony to all those unresolved situations and everyone involved in them. Allow that energy to flow through your heart and then through your hands into those situations for a few minutes

Goddess wants peace and freedom so peace and freedom will come.

Updates about the Peace Portal Activation:

22 Aug
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A Course In Laughter — Digital Course and Live Call


August 21, 2013
A Course In LaughterDigital Course and Live Call

SwamiShoulderAugA couple of weeks ago, someone wrote to ask when theAlchemy of Laughter class I conducted with Shift Network will be offered again — and the answer is, next spring. If you can’t wait that long to immerse yourself in cosmic comedy and healing laughter, and learn how to apply these tools in your life and world, I have good news. The digital Course In Laughter (including hours of audio files, two e-books, and a panoply of Swami’s humor) is available NOW for just $97 — and it includes a one-hour coaching call as well. 

First, here are a few of the comments from participants in the most recent Course:


Steve has a great depth of knowledge about life and he taught me how to shift my perspective and to reframe negative situations and make them positive.
The way Steve conveyed the teachings of Humor were as relevant as the teachings of Don Juan or the intrinsic nature of Psychology via Carl Jung.


Steve offers a path to an aspect of awakening that I am not aware of any one else offering (certainly not the way he does!).


My heart was wide open with joy hearing and feeling Steve’s wise and loving humor. He is a master alchemist of change and healing, brought about through his playfulness and deep understanding of our true nature.


If the Alchemy of Laughter Course is ever offered again run, do not walk, to register! Steve Bhaerman is an incredible combination of wisdom and acumen and as the Swami, side-splitting ROTFLOL humor. If laughter is the best medicine, this course is the real cure!

I believe Steve Bhaerman, with his Alchemy of Laughter Course, is a gifted and brilliant NOW age teacher. During this course, Steve lovingly and laughingly gives the keys and the plans on how to open the doors to laughter, love, light and ultimately world peace. I highly recommend others to take this FUN, well-structured course; to learn and put into practice all of the Swami Guru’s teachings.

Fortunately, Swami has helped me release the grip of the ego with his simple three-word mantra (“Ego … egoing … egone”) so I have not let this praise go to my head. It is safely stashed in my lower chakras.


Here’s how it will work. As soon as you purchase the Course, you will be sent the materials immediately … Some of what you will learn includes:

  • How and why laughter awakens
  • The Cosmic Joke, and why it’s important
  • The Fool’s Journey … your path to Cosmic Comic Consciousness and Fool Realization
  • The four elements of humor
  • Humoring yourself and others


And you’ll get hours of Steve’s talks on the Alchemy of Humor, and hours of Swami’s cosmic comedy … plus two e-books, including The Zen Cohens of Harry Cohen Baba … hilarious jokes and an instructional on the structure of jokes and how to tell them.


Then, in a few weeks — sometime in September — we will hold a live one-hour coaching call where you can send your questions, and have them addressed. When you register, you will also be sent several possible dates and times for the call. The date with the most votes wins! Can’t make the call? Send your questions in anyway, and listen to it afterward. The call will be recorded, and all participants will be sent the links.


If you’re ready to take humor more seriously — and seriousness more humorously — take “fool advantage” of this opportunity.


Go here to register


Or register using PayPal. The cost is $97 and you can pay at my PayPal address,


Feel free to share this with your friends and community … what goes around comes around. The laugh you save may be your own.

4 Aug

Organic Consumers Association – Want Organic Eggs From Outdoor Hens? Better Act Now!

Take action! Rule-breaking “USDA Organic” egg producers don’t let hens go outside!

The Food & Drug Administration says eggs from outdoor hens are a food safety risk!

Do you enjoy organic eggs from hens raised outdoors? Hens that spend time outdoors in the sunlight, eating plants and insects, roosting in trees and scratching in the dirt are healthier, happier and produce safer and more nutritious eggs on farms that are better for the environment. Sadly, outdoor production of organic eggs is being threatened by federal regulators. Soon it could be almost as hard to get eggs from hens raised outdoors as it is to get raw milk.

Please use the forms below to respond to the USDA National Oganic Program’s refusal to enforce the organic rule that requires outdoor access and an FDA proposal that treats outdoor egg production as a food safety risk.

Hens caged in factory farms suffer horribly. Concern for animal welfare is one of top reasons consumers choose organic eggs. The USDA National Organic Program (NOP) is cage-free and this alone means organic hens havesignificantly better lives than those confined in cages. However, a 2010 investigation by the Cornucopia Institute, “Scrambled Eggs,” (see the top video on this page) revealed that other organic rules, notably the requirement that hens have access to the outdoors, were being violated.

Born Free and Vital Farms are both certified “USDA Organic” egg brands, but, as you can see from the videos on this page, Vital Farms lets their birds outdoors, while Born Free doesn’t. It’s easy to see the difference in the welfare of organic chickens that are raised outdoors, as opposed to “cage-free”.

This impacts consumers, too, as eggs from organic free-range hens raised outdoors are far more nutritious than eggs from hens kept indoors and raised on exclusively on grain.

The standards-setting National Organic Standards Board has sent three formal recommendations, one dating back to 2002, to the NOP asking the agency to clarify and enforce requirements for outside access and other living conditions for poultry. But the USDA National Organic Program refuses to act.

In a double strike against outdoor organic egg production, the NOP announced that, because other priorities were more urgent, it wouldn’t be addressing the enforcement of animal welfare for poultry in the near future, and then, the FDA proposed to impose a number of costly, redundant and onerous so-called “food safety” measures on organic farmers who let their hens outdoors.

According to the Cornucopia Institute, despite weak scientific evidence that contact with wild birds is a significant risk factor for salmonella contamination, the FDA requires organic producers to minimize contact with other birds. The agency recommends noise cannons, temporary confinement, or netting, or even structures with roofs which would be cost-prohibitive for most organic producers with meaningful outdoor access.

Some of the recommended measures would discourage chickens from using the outdoor space. For example, while noise cannons would be effective in scaring wild birds, they would also scare the laying hens and effectively make the outdoor area an inhospitable environment for the organic birds.

The FDA’s recommendation, which was created in consultation with the USDA National Organic Program, is encouragement to the so-called “organic” egg producers who are currently violating the organic rules that require famers to provide their hens outdoor access so they can exhibit their natural behaviors.

“The recommendations in this draft guidance essentially give organic producers a textbook of excuses for why their birds can legally be confined in industrial settings,” says Mark Kastel, Codirector of the Cornucopia Institute. “To create the safest and most nutritious eggs, we should be encouraging more and better use of outdoor space, for laying hens so that they can exhibit their true, native behavior. But this FDA document does just the opposite.”

Want organic eggs from hens raised outdoors? You’d better act now! Please send the following letters (feel free to modify them with your own thoughts) to the USDA and FDA. And, while you still can, make a point of buying organic eggs that you know come from hens raised outdoors. Check out the Cornucopia Institute’s Organic Egg Score Card and look for the Animal Welfare Approved label.

Miles McEvoy

Agricultural Marketing Service – NOP

Leslie Kux

Assistant Commissioner for Policy, Food & Drug Administration
Subject: Encourage and enforce outdoor organic egg production!
Your Letter:

I buy organic because I expect USDA Organic certification to produce safe, healthy and nutritious food, while respecting the welfare of animals and protecting the environment. According to the USDA Organic rules, egg laying hens on organic farms are supposed to be allowed outdoors in the sunlight where they can engage in natural behaviors like pecking and scratching.

Sadly, I’ve learned that some egg laying hens on organic farms stay indoors their entire lives and never see the sun.

As a consumer, this means I have to reevaluate my buying habits. Is organic really the highest standard? Should I being looking for certifications, like Animal Welfare Approved, in addition to organic? I know there are some organic brands that are doing the right thing. I don’t want to push them to take on the burden of another certification, but how else will consumers know what we’re actually buying?

The USDA National Organic Program needs to take action to enforce the rules or consumers will lose faith in organic and start shopping for alternatives. Organic is the highest standard; it just needs to be enforced.

What organic doesn’t need — or deserve — is to be treated as a food safety risk. In the case of eggs, raising the hens on organic feed greatly reduces the risks of salmonella.

Salmonella is found in animal byproducts like chicken feathers or fecal matter. The organic rules forbid animal byproducts from chicken feed. As a consequence, organic feed rarely contains salmonella, while conventional feed is full of it. This is according to Walid Alali, an assistant professor at the University of Georgia’s College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.

Alali’s research found salmonella to be far less prevalent in organic than conventional chicken. He found that chickens from the organic farms had a 4.3 percent rate of salmonella prevalence. The conventional chickens, on the other hand, were affected 28.8 percent of the time – nearly seven times more.

When we know that salmonella is being transmitted largely through conventional chicken feed, it’s silly to require organic egg producers to put up fences, set traps or put up roofing or netting to keep out wild animals, or to confine their chickens inside during times when migratory birds are found in grazing areas.

The FDA’s new rules could destroy business for farms like Coyote Creek Farm in Elgin, Texas, where 10,000 egg-laying chickens graze on 60 acres of pasture, scratching in the dirt for worms and bugs.

Building a canopy over the pasture isn’t financially feasible. Even protecting a small part of it would cost 10 times more than the farm’s entire profit last year. Any structure that cut off sun or rain would quickly turn the grass-covered pasture into dry dirt, defeating the purpose of raising hens outdoors on pasture.

The FDA’s new outdoor egg rules aren’t necessary. Salmonella isn’t a problem when the feed is free of animal byproducts. Plus, hens in a natural environment are less stressed and less likely to get sick.

USDA and FDA policies should encourage outdoor organic egg production, not discourage it. Please take action to protect safe, healthy and nutritious organic eggs from hens raised outdoors.

21 Jul

Organic Consumers Association – “We have two choices”

We sometimes forget. Coca-Cola, General Mills, and a host of other food giants knowhow to make their products without using genetically engineered ingredients.

They do it all the time. For consumers in other countries.

It’s only here, in the U.S., where the food and biotech lobbyists have Congress in their back pockets, that more than 80 percent of processed foods contain genetically engineered ingredients.

Those GMO ingredients are making Monsanto and Big Food rich. They’re making us sick. And the tons of herbicides and pesticides used to grow them are poisoning our soil and water.

Food manufacturers make GMO-free products for consumers in 64 other countries for one of two reasons: Either because consumers in those countries have demanded that GMOs be banned from their food supplies. Or because consumers have demanded GMO labeling laws.

In most cases, rather than label the GMOs in their products, food manufacturers have found alternative ingredients.

We can have GMO-free food, too. But only if we demand it.

The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), the trade group representing Coca-Cola, Pepsi, ConAgra, Unilever, General Mills and hundreds of other food companies, recently circulated a letter claiming that consumers – that means you – have created an “unprecedented period of turmoil” for food companies. How? Simply by demanding that they label the genetically engineered ingredients in their products.

We have news for the GMA and all of its dues-paying members: The turmoil has just begun. We will not rest until GMOs are labeled.

The movement to label GMOs didn’t materialize overnight. It’s been in the works for many years. But thanks to the unprecedented outpouring of support last year for California’s Prop 37 to label GMOs, this movement – your movement – has finally gone mainstream.

Activists in Connecticut and Maine recently pushed through GMO labeling laws, though neither law can take effect until four or five other New England states pass similar laws requiring mandatory labeling of GMOs.

We’re gaining traction. But we need to win Washington State.

Half of the $46 million raised last year to defeat Prop 37 came from pesticide makers like Monsanto. The other half came from junk food giants like Pepsi and General Mills. The GMA alone raised $2 million to defeat Prop 37. So far, the GMA is the largest donor to the campaign that aims to defeat I-522, the citizen’s initiative to label GMOs in Washington State.

We have two choices. Sit back and do nothing while the pesticide and junk food makers raise millions to defeat another big GMO labeling campaign. Or pull together to run a winning campaign in Washington State, and keep the GMO labeling movement strong until our demands are met.

We need to raise just a little more than $52,500 in order to reach our goal of $150,000 for GMO labeling by July 27, and earn a matching grant for OCA from natural health leader

Will you help sustain the fight for GMO labeling by making a donation today? You can make a secure online donation, with a credit card or using paypal. Or you can phone or mail in your contribution. Click here for details. Thank you.

In solidarity,

Ronnie Cummins
National Director, Organic Consumers Association and Organic Consumers Fund

16 Jul

Organic Consumers Association – “We will be outspent”

You know it as well as I do.

No matter how many of us dig deep into our pockets, we can never raise as much moneyfor GMO labeling as Monsanto, Dow, Dupont, Coca-Cola, Con-Agra, General Mills – and the rest of the pesticide and junk food makers – can raise to bankroll their campaign against our right to know.

The good news is, we don’t have to. We can be outspent in Washington State and still pass a GMO labeling law there in November.

The bad news? We can’t be outspent 6 to 1, as we were in California, or we will lose another key GMO labeling battle.

Please make a donation today. If you help us raise $150,000 by July 27, natural health leader will make a matching donation to the OCA. We will use that money to work as hard as we can on your behalf to get I-522, Washington State’s GMO labeling initiative, and other GMO labeling laws, passed.

The stakes in Washington are just as high as they were in California. A win there means a win for all of us. A win there will mark the beginning of the end of unlabeled GMOs in our food.

But the landscape in Washington is different. The opposition ran a $46-million campaign of lies to defeat California’s Proposition 37. By only a razor-thin margin. Experts tell us that in the smaller Washington market, our opponents will be able to spend only so much money before they saturate the airwaves, and their efforts to brainwash voters become counterproductive.

The question is: Can we raise enough money to reach all the voters in Washington, something we weren’t able to do in California?

I wish I could tell you that a white knight has appeared out of nowhere to fund a winning campaign in Washington. But this is, always has been, a grassroots campaign. Funded by people who are tired of corporations hijacking our food and our health.

People like you.

Yes, we will be outspent in Washington. Because our opponents know how important this battle is. But as long as you care about this issue, we will not be out-committed to winning.

As of this morning, we have raised $44,125 toward our goal. If you have contributed already, thank you. If not, will you consider a donation today to help us reach $150,000, so we can collect on our matching grant and rev up the campaign to label GMOs?

You can make a secure online donation, with a credit card or using paypal. Or you can phone or mail in your contribution. Click here for details. Thank you.

In solidarity,

Ronnie Cummins
National Director, Organic Consumers Association and Organic Consumers Fund

Michael Tsarion – “Roots of Tyranny” – Calvinism & Behaviorism

Title: Michael Tsarion – “Roots of Tyranny” – Calvinism & Behaviorism

Description: Michael Tsarion returns to Red Ice Radio to continue our discussion on Conspiracy, Psychology and the Roots of Tyranny.   [315 mb; 2 hours, 18 min]




10 Jul

Archangel Michael via Celia Fenn: The New Earth Energies July/August 2013 – The Incoming Wave of Light and the Lion’s Gate 2013

celiafenn 2013Archangel Michael: The New Earth Energies July/August 2013 – The Incoming Wave of Light and the Lion’s Gate 2013 as channeled via Celia Fenn, July 9, 2013 –

Beloved Family of Light, we come to you at this inspiring and tumultuous time on Planet Earth.

After the shift of the 2012 Portal, the Earth continues to shift into New Patterns and Ways of Being. The Indigo Generation is moving forward to accomplish its Mission of breaking down the old systems and making space for the New!

There is a deep desire for Peace, Community and Freedom, that is manifesting now on the Earth.The work that was done in the past on the Higher Levels to create Peace and Harmony is now beginning to manifest into Physical Form as change on the Earth.

This period from the Spring Equinox in March 2013 and into the Northern Summer has been a period of Chaos and Upheaval. The Indigo Energy has emerged in countries like Turkey and Brazil, and those who govern still do not fully understand the nature of the protests and challenges. They are still thinking and reacting in the old third-dimensional way to a challenge that is coming from a different level, from Young Adults who are “wired” for the Fifth Dimension and Inter-Connection. Their aim is Community, Democracy, Sharing and Change by Non-Violent means.

As you move towards the Lion’s Gate of 2013, the incoming Galactic Energies will intensify the process of change and the influx of the New Light Codes for the New Year. It will be as though a Door of Opportunity will open and change will be rapid and far-reaching in your World.

The Lion’s Gate 2013

Many have asked us, what is the Lion’s Gate and why is it named for the Lion?

Well, it refers in part to the fact that the Sun enters into the sign of LEO at this time, and these energies are integrated into the Earth under the energy of the Lion, the Feline Energies of Sirius which are fierce and proud and very “royal”. The “Gate” or “Stargate” is a period of approximately two weeks in which a vortex opens and a wave of intense Light from the Galactic Center is received on the Earth. This “wave” contains the new Light Codes for the Evolution of the Earth for the next year/cycle, and so it is known as the Planetary New Year.

The Star system of Sirius has always worked closely with the Evolution of the Earth, assisting where possible. The Sirians assisted in the establishment of the Ancient Egyptian civilization after the Atlantis trauma had destroyed all previous civilizations. The Egyptian civilization carried the “Star Wisdom” and “Creation History” of the Elohim, which was transmitted to the Earth by the Sirian Wisdom Keepers. In Ancient Egypt the Sirians were the Mediators between the Galactic Council at the Central Sun and the people of Earth.

Each year, between the 26th of July and the 12th of August, a new wave of Galactic Light from the Central Sun would be directed towards Earth and magnified by the Sun in conjunction with the Heliacal Rising of Sirius in the North. The Sirians would accept this energy into the Pyramid complex at Giza and then transmit the Codes into the Earth Grids, allowing for a peaceful and fluid transmission of the Energies. After the Giza Stargate was closed, the Earth transmissions were still mediated via Sirius, but they were not received coherently by the Earth, and so the Earth’s evolution was slowed and even distorted for a while.

However, in the last ten years, the Earth has ascended into the Fifth Dimension and has “graduated” to Full Member Status of the Galactic Council, and now the Lion’s Gate transmissions are being received directly by the Earth and by the Council of Elders and the Earth Keeper Council and distributed via the new Crystalline Earth Grids. In this way, the Evolution of the New Earth will follow the “directions” of the Light Codes that are received from the Galactic Council and the Great Central Sun.

This process is quite new to your Earth, and while the Sirian Light Emissaries are standing by to assist, they are leaving the management of the incoming wave to the Earth Councils and the Family of Light. So, Beloved Family, what you are feeling now is this incoming Wave of Light as it approaches the Earth and is integrated into the Earth Consciousness.

The Wave of Light 26 July to 12 August

Beloved Family of Light, this incoming Wave of Light will effectively “Recalibrate” the Planetary Frequencies for Higher Levels of Consciousness. This means, of course, that the old third-dimensional “illusion” will continue to crumble and break down. To those who still hold to the Third Dimensional Consciousness, it will seem as if chaos is breaking out everywhere, and they will become paranoid and angry and despairing. To those who can see and feel with the Higher Consciousness, it will seem as if a new dawn is breaking and that a new way of life is rising, as of course, it is.

What can you expect at this time? We think that the Key word will be “intensity”. Everything will seem very intense to the point of being surreal. In your personal lives, whatever is still remaining of your old third-dimensional consciousness will need to be removed and replaced by something at a higher vibration. This may be difficult if you have an emotional attachment to the old energies. However, if you simply release and allow the changes, then they can be achieved with the minimum of disruption and hardship. The idea is simply to TRUST the PROCESS and allow whatever needs to happen.

For those of you who have activated your Light Bodies, it will be a simple matter to integrate the incoming Light Waves into your Light Body. At the same time, the Physical Body will once again be moving into DNA upgrades to allow the physical form to align with the new Light Codes for further Evolution in the New Earth.

This influx of Energy may mean that many of you will feel intensely CREATIVE and will be flooded with new ideas. Remember, you do not have to act on all of them immediately, you are simply accepting the Flow of Abundance and Light in this New Wave. Choose what seems best to you. You may also feel physically energized, and feel a desire to change your diet and exercise patterns to bring your body to a higher frequency. You may also find, perhaps, difficulty in sleeping and a feeling of being over-energized and anxious. Do not worry, this will pass as you integrate the incoming Light Wave.

The New Human/Human Angel Light Body Template and Activation for Receiving the Incoming Energies

Beloved Ones, as you enter into this Golden Wave of Light, it is important that you simply remember to remain in your center – which is your Heart, and to keep the Light Body radiant and clear. Remember that in your Multi-Dimensional state your “center of gravity” is your Heart. Breathe from your Heart, breathe Light and Love from that center that is your Sacred Heart.

Then, remember always to GROUND yourself by connecting into your Earth Star Chakra beneath your feet, and then into the Earth Heart at the center of the Earth and allow your Heart to synchronize with the pulsations of the Earth as it pulsates in harmony with the Cosmic Pulse of Life.

Then also, remember to connect with your Soul Star Chakra which is above the Crown Chakra and where your Soul is seated. Draw that energy through the Crown Chakra and into the Heart, so that it ignites the Divine Spark in the Heart. Feel how your Soul and Spirit blend with the Divine Spark to create the Divine Flame of your Angelic Being in your Heart.

Then also, feel how your Solar Chakra opens to absorb and integrate the energies from the Sun and distribute them in your Light Body. Also, the Galactic Chakra allows the Waves of Light from the Galactic Center to be integrated into the Light Body and to fill the Light Body with Radiant Light of the Divine.

The Divine Energy and Radiance is integrated and shared on the New Earth Grids of Light – from Heart to Heart!

Feel how that Radiant Light is passed around the Planet on the Heart Grid from Light Workers to Light Warriors to all Family of Light as the New Earth manifests!

And know that no matter where you are and what you are doing – YOU are a Beacon of Light and a Radiant Shining channel for the incoming Wave of Light!

Important Dates in July/August

These will be the Key Moments in this Process:

25th and 26th July : the “day out of Time” and the “New Year”

8th August…….the 8/8…the Peak moment of the Stargate/Vortex transmissions

8th-12th August…..Culmination of the “gate”….

19th-23rd August……Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius and integration of the new Solar/Lunar Codes

Naked Soul Sisterhood by Dale Allen

Naked Soul Sisterhood

Naked Soul Sisterhood:
a show that threatens to enlighten and uplift its audience! 
We all live day to day lives. We have jobs, school, families and loved ones.  We buy groceries, pay bills – but we know that there’s a subterranean part of ourselves that runs beneath all that we do…  We can sense an inner self that is beyond day-to-day living.  There’s a sense of purpose that cannot be ignored.  It’s time to fuel the inner fire with Naked Soul Sisterhood!

Inside the Naked Soul Sisterhood

we live from the inside out, from our Soul Mastery as we know it.  We mirror each other’s beauty, passion, power, freedom, creativity and integrity.

Join us on a journey to harness your power and love this world into a place where everyone thrives.


What is a Sister?

She’s feisty, has gusto and a playful spirit. She knows what she wants and goes after it. She lives her life with passion – professionally and personally. She is the Queen of Herself, the Center of Her Universe – and she wants to be a Sister too!



Naked Soul Sisterhood visits

Saltana Cave


Saltana Cave

We are taking action and shooting on our own to relay this show concept.  We are ready to amp it up!
We have so many shows in mind – so much to share!



and see your hidden potential with Toni Martignoni.


What does your Inner Self look like? We all have our outer personas, ways in which we define ourselves to the world, a familiar reflection in the mirror, but what if you could see your Inner Self?


Join the Sisters as they experience having an Inner Portrait done by Toni Martignoni, an irresistable 94-year-old Light-Filled Powerhouse! She’s an artist who developed the Inner Portrait process using art as a means to see hidden personal potential.

10 Jul

A Butterfly’s Lesson

Courtesy of Master Kuo of

ButterflyLesson-Slide02 ButterflyLesson-Slide03 ButterflyLesson-Slide04 ButterflyLesson-Slide05 ButterflyLesson-Slide06 ButterflyLesson-Slide07 ButterflyLesson-Slide08 ButterflyLesson-Slide09 ButterflyLesson-Slide10 ButterflyLesson-Slide11 ButterflyLesson-Slide12 ButterflyLesson-Slide13

6 Jul

U.S. Senator Dean Heller (R-NV) responds to GMO action request

Senator Dean Heller (R-NV) responds to a citizen demanding that GMOs be labeled. The following is a non-committal form letter, merely explaining that there are 2 sides to the argument, and that he will take the readers’ thoughts under advisement. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!



The Transcription of the note is as follows:

Thank you for contacting me to urge my support for legislation that requires genetically engineered food products to be labeled. I welcome the opportunity to respond to you.

As you know, GE food products are foods derived from organisms, known as genetically modified organisms (GMOs.), that have undergone biological changes in their DNA. Many people believe that isolating and labeling GE foods would better enable consumers to choose whether or not to consume bioengineered products. However, supporters of GMOs argue that segregating and labeling GE food products could contribute to consumer suspicion that these products are flawed in a detrimental way.

I understand your support for mandates to require GE food products to be labeled accordingly. Generally. I am supportive of measures that help provide consumers with more information so they can make better choices for their own lives. Please rest assured that I will keep your support for labeling GE food in mind as the U.S. Senate considers this and other agricultural issues.

Again, thank you for contacting me to share your thoughts. Please continue keeping me informed of the issues that matter to you.

4 Jul

Discover the Fastest, Funnest, and Easiest Ways to Grow Your Own Groceries

Hi, I am Marjory Wildcraft.  About a decade ago I volunteered to help get fresh, local, organic  produce into the kids school system.  That project failed miserably, and changed my life forever.  Why?  Because there wasn’t enough locally grown food in the entire county for even one small elementary school.  I am willing to bet there isn’t much food growing in your county either.

Once I stopped shaking, I devoted my life to finding the fastest, easiest, and funnest ways for an individual or family to grow thier own food.  I discovered that growing your own is incredibly rewarding.

I’ve developed a video set that is used by permacuulture teachers, universities, missionary organizations, and regular folks.  It gets you started producing very quickly.  You know from reading these OCA newsletters that the era of quality food is way back in your rearview mirror.  And the era of cheap food is the dead end right in front of you.  Fortunately, if you’ve got a hose and a backyard, or even a sunny window sill, there is a tremenous amount you can do – and it is really fun!

Military Crusades Medieval (4th-15thC) Europe by by Helen Nicholson

What did medieval contemporaries think of military orders such as the Knights Hospitaller and Teutonic Knights?

Templars being burned at the stakeIn October 1307, by order of Philip IV of France, all the Knights Templar within the French domains were arrested. In November, Pope Clement V sent out orders for the arrest of the Templars throughout Europe. The brothers were accused of a variety of crimes, which were said to be long-established in the order. There were, it was claimed, serious abuses in the admission ceremony, where the brothers denied their faith in Christ. The order encouraged homosexual activity between brothers. The brothers worshipped idols. Chapter meetings were held in secret. The brothers did not believe in the mass or other sacraments of the church and did not carry these out properly, defrauding patrons of the order who had given money for masses to be said for their families’ souls.

What was more, it was alleged that the Templars did not make charitable gifts or give hospitality as a religious order should. The order encouraged brothers to acquire property fraudulently, and to win profit for the order by any means possible.

During the trial of the Templars witnesses claimed that the order’s abuses had been notorious far many years and under interrogation, including torture, many brothers confessed to at least some of these crimes. In March 1312, Pope Clement dissolved the Order of’ the Temple, giving its property of the Order of the Hospital, and assigning the surviving brothers to other religious orders. Despite this, the question of the order’s guilt has never been settled. Just what were the accusations made against the Templars before 1300, and were these related to the trial? What did contemporaries think about the other military orders, such as the Knights Hospitaller and the Teutonic Knights?

The Order of the Temple was a military order, a type of religious order. It had been founded in the early twelfth century, in the wake of the Catholic conquest of the Holy Land, to protect pilgrims travelling to the holy places against bandits. This role soon grew to protecting Christian territory in Spain as well as the Holy Land. The order gained its name because the King of Jerusalem had given the brothers his palace in the al-Aqsa masque, which the Christians called ‘the Temple of Solomon’, to be their headquarters. In Europe the members’ lifestyle was much like that of ordinary monks. The order’s rule laid down a strict regime on clothing, diet, charitable giving and other living arrangements. In theory only men could join the order, but in practice some women were also admitted.

The Order of the Temple was the first military order, but others soon followed. The Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem had been founded as a hospice for pilgrims in the eleventh century, but by the 1130s the Hospital was employing mercenaries to protect pilgrims from bandits, and was soon involved in the defence of the frontiers of the Kingdom of Jerusalem alongside the Order of the Temple. These brothers became known as the Hospitallers.

The Hospital of St Mary of the Teutons was set up at the siege of Acre during the Third Crusade (1189-92) to care for German pilgrims and was then relaunched in 1198 as a military order. The brothers were known as the Teutonic Knights. These were the most famous of the international military orders, but the concept was so popular that others were founded wherever Christians confronted non-Christians: in Spain, where the Muslim frontier was slowly retreating, and in the Baltic and Prussia where pagan tribes threatened Christian settlements and converts. From the 1230s onwards the Teutonic order became prominent in the Baltic area.

The concept of the military order was a natural development from the concept of the crusade. Rather than taking up weapons for a short period to defend Christ’s people, the members of a military order did so for life. In return, they expected to receive pardon for their sins and immediate entry into heaven if they died in action against the enemies of their faith.

In western Europe, far from the battlefield, some of the clergy were doubtful whether a military order could be a valid religious order. Around 1150, the Abbot of Cluny wrote to Pope Eugenius III that he and many of his monks regarded the brothers of the Temple as only knights, not monks, and believed that fighting the Muslims overseas was less important than suppressing bandits at home. Letters written to encourage the early Templars also hint at this sort of opposition. But the bulk of the surviving evidence is warmly in praise of the Templars, and clergy and knightly classes alike welcomed the new order with generous donations. In fact the Hospital of St John seems to have attracted more donations as it became more of a military order. By 1200 the military orders had become part of the religious establishment and criticism of the concept ceased.

However, other criticism arose which tended to fluctuate with events. During a crusade, while crusaders wrote home with accounts of the military orders’ courage and self-sacrifice, criticism was overlooked. Between crusades, as Europeans received news of territorial losses to the Muslims, they forgot the military orders’ heroism and concluded that. these defeats were God’s punishment for sin. For surely God would not. allow godly men to suffer such set- backs.

Political views also shaped criticism, especially during the period. 1229-50, while pope and emperor were at loggerheads. The Temple, and to a lesser degree the Hospital, supported the pope, while the Teutonic order supported the emperor. So observers sympathetic to the emperor’s policies in the Holy Land. such as Matthew Paris, chronicler of St Albans abbey, criticised the Templars and Hospitallers. Yet there was praise from those who opposed the emperor in the Holy Land, such as Philip of Novara and the powerful Ibelin family of Cyprus who were Philip’s lords.

Chroniclers tended to be critical, for they wished to draw a moral from contemporary events for the edification of future generations. In other forms of literature, romance, epic or. farce, the Templars, Hospitallers and Teutonic Knights appeared as brave knights of Christ combating the Muslim menace, or as helpers of lovers, or as good monks. It is interesting that although monks and parish priests came under heavy criticism for their immorality in the ‘fables’ or farces, the military orders were not criticised. Obviously they were not regarded as womanisers.

Between the Second and Third Crusades of 1148-49 and 1189, the generous donations of money and privileges to the Templars and Hospitallers became a major cause of resentment. This was hardly surprising. All religious orders aroused complaints about their privileges, and the Templars and Hospitallers never attracted such severe criticism as the Cistercians and friars.

But the Templars and the Hospitallers caused particular annoyance because their houses were so widely scattered. Their legal privileges were especially resented. In 1236 Pope Gregory IX wrote to the Templars and Hospitallers in western France ordering them not to abuse the privileges granted to them by the papal see. The brothers had been summoning their legal opponents to courts in far-off places which they had no hope of reaching by the specified day, so that they were then fined for failing to appear. The brothers had also been taking annual payments from clergy and laity in return for allowing them to share their legal privileges.

Forty years later, when Edward I’s commissioners were conducting the Hundred Roll inquiries to establish where royal rights had been usurped in each locality, there were similar protests. Some people who had no proper connection with the Templars and Hospitallers were claiming their privileges, in Warwickshire and Derbyshire there were complaints that the orders’ privileges ‘impede and subvert all common justice and excessively oppress the people’, while the burghers of Totnes and Grimsby had been summoned to courts in the four corners of England by the Hospitallers and Templars respectively.

Despite their extensive possessions, the Templars and Hospitallers were always claiming to be poverty- stricken. They sent out alms-collectors on a regular basis, to collect money from lay-people and clergy for their work in the Holy Land. Matthew Paris was probably expressing a widely-felt discontent when he wrote around 1245:

The Templars and Hospitallers receive so much income from the whole of Christendom, and, only for defending the Holy Land, swallow down such great revenues as if they sink them into the gulf of the abyss …

Whatever did they do with all their wealth? Some Europeans concluded that they must be using their resources very inefficiently.

The orders were not only wealthy and privileged, they were proud and treacherous. Pride, the first of the seven deadly sins, was already the military orders’ most infamous vice by the 1160s. As the years passed it became a stock complaint against the Templars and Hospitallers, as if it was ‘their’ sin. Pride made the orders jealous of each other and of other Christians, so that they fought each other instead of fighting the Saracens. The Templars and Hospitallers’ quarrels became notorious, although in fact the orders went to great lengths to ensure peaceful relations. The troubadour, Daspol, writing in around 1270, neatly summed up the problem: because the Templars and Hospitallers had become proud and greedy and did evil instead of good, they were unable or unwilling to defend the Holy Land against the Saracens.

In 1289 a Flemish satirist, Jacquemart Giélée, depicted the Templars’ and Hospitallers’ bitter quarrels in his satire, Renart le Nouvel, the new Renart, based on the old theme of the unscrupulous fox. A Hospitaller is shown denigrating the Templars in order to win Renart for his order. After the final loss of Acre in 1291, Pope Nicholas IV suggested that the military orders’ quarrels had been a contributory factor in the defeat, and many chroniclers and churchmen agreed.

The charge that the Order of the Temple encouraged the brothers to acquire property fraudulently and to win profit by all possible means clearly reflects these complaints against the Templars and Hospitallers. For at least 150 years contemporaries had accused the military orders of lying and cheating because of their greed for wealth. In 1312 the same old criticisms against the Hospitallers arose again at the Council of Vienne, as the pope planned to bestow on them the former property of the Templars.

Interestingly, no critic before 1300 accused the Templars of immorality. In the mid-thirteenth century an English poet, writing in Anglo-Norman French, surveyed the whole of society and accused most of the clergy of womanising, even dropping hints about the Hospitallers. But he exempted the Templars, who were too busy making money to have time for sex:

The Templars are most doughty men and they certainly know how to look after themselves, but they love pennies ton much; when prices are high they sell their wheat instead of giving it to their dependants.
Nor do the lords of the Hospital, have any desire for buying women’s services, if they have their palfreys and horses, I don’t say it for any evil …

A more explicit charge of immorality against the Hospitallers appeared in March 1238, when a French crusade was preparing to depart for the Holy Land. Pope Gregory IX wrote a letter of rebuke to the Hospitallers in Acre. He had heard that the brothers kept harlots in their villages, had been cheating the dying into bequeathing their property to them and (among other crimes) that several of the brothers were guilty of heresy. As for the Templars, he only complained that they were not keeping the roads safe for pilgrims!

Although the Templars were not accused of immorality, they were linked with traditional romantic love. A late thirteenth-century French verse romance, Sone de Nausay, depicts the Master of the Temple in Ireland as the go-between in a love affair, while a French Arthurian romance of the same period, Claris et Laris, depicts the Templars as friends to lovers. But this was a wholly sympathetic view, and saw the Templars as servants of lovers rather than as lovers themselves. None of the military orders were accused of sodomy, although such accusations were occasionally made against ordinary monks.

There were many other complaints against the military orders before 1300. Perhaps the most significant were the divided opinions over their record of fighting the Muslims (and other non-Christians). Many complained that they were not sufficiently enthusiastic about defending Christendom and winning back lost territory, while others complained that they were too eager to fight those who could be won to Christ by peaceful means.

Some contemporaries alleged that the military orders were unwilling to fight the Muslims because they were secretly in alliance with them. The military orders certainly did make alliances with Muslim rulers on various occasions, but these alliances were intended to promote the Christian cause, not to hinder it.

The chroniclers also alleged that the Muslims exploited the brothers’ greed. There was a legend in circulation which recounted how the Christians had failed to capture a Muslim fortress because some of the Christian leaders had been bribed by- Muslim gold to raise the siege. This gold subsequently turned out to be cop- per. This story appeared in various forms and with various parties in the role of dupe from the mid-twelfth century onwards. By the early thirteenth century the Templars had become the dupes, and by the mid- thirteenth century the Hospitallers had joined them. The fortress also changed identity several times! In fact this is a very old story, and versions of it appear in Gregory of Tours’ History of the Franks, written in the sixth century, and in the collection of ancient Welsh legends known as the Mabinogion.

Many accusations that the military orders were unwilling. to attack the Muslims arose from a misunderstanding of the true situation in the Holy Land. The Templars were criticised for refusing to help the Third Crusade besiege Jerusalem in 1191-92, but the brothers believed that the city could not be held after the crusaders had returned home, and that the security of the holy places was better served by attacking Egypt. In 1250, during the crusade of Louis IX of France, Count Robert of Artois decided to lead the vanguard of the crusading army to attack the Muslims in Mansourah. The Templars and Hospitallers advised against this, where- upon the count accused them of laziness and trying to impede the Christian cause and advanced. Anxious not to be accused of cowardice, the military orders accompanied him and, as they had predicted, the Christian army was cut to pieces. This was a terrible defeat, but something of a propaganda coup for the military orders, who had fearlessly died for Christ against hopeless odds.

Other critics felt that the military orders were too eager to fight. Thirteenth-century literature depicted the ideal knight as one who only fought when necessary. The military orders’ self-sacrifice for Christ seemed rash and irrational. Some of the clergy believed that the orders’ love of violence and domination impeded or prevented conversions. This accusation was made against the Templars in the 1180s by Walter Map, Archdeacon of Oxford, and against the Teutonic order by some unknown critics and around 1266-68 by Roger Bacon, an English Franciscan friar imprisoned in Paris for his unorthodox views.

The unknown critics may have been the Polish princes who opposed the expansion of the Teutonic order’s power in Prussia. In 1258, letters were sent to Pope Alexander lV from the order’s friends in Poland and Prussia, defending them against various accusations. Apparently the brothers had been accused of forbid- ding the preaching of Christianity to the pagan Prussians, preventing the establishment of churches, destroying old churches, impeding the sacraments and enslaving new converts. Roger Bacon’s criticisms echoed these: the Teutonic order wanted to subjugate the Prussians and reduce them to slavery, and refused to stop attacking them in order to allow peaceful preaching. He added that the order had deceived the Roman Church for many years as to its true motives in Prussia.

The peak of criticism of the military orders came around 1250. After this they faded from the chronicles and critical writings. Many critics of the church omitted them. Others showed little actual knowledge of them. Although there was a vast number of newsletters coming from the Holy Land, so that chroniclers could hardly have been short of information on events, they seem to have chosen to ignore this. News was almost invariably bad, and chroniclers probably believed that the loss of the Holy Land was only a matter of time. There were many crises closer to home to occupy their pens.

As a result, after 1250, the image of the military orders expressed in the chronicles and other writing shows a relative improvement. Day-to-day relations between the military orders and their neighbours and the authorities were usually peaceful. Bishops’ registers, royal administrative records, and the records of the nobility where these survive, show that although there were disputes generally the military orders were obedient subjects and reliable servants. As Walter Map had remarked, whatever the Templars did in the Holy Land, in England they lived peacefully enough.

Despite the sorry state of the Latin Christian settlement in the Holy Land, after 1250 the military orders were still well regarded in Europe. Donations to the orders had fallen in most areas, but all religious orders were suffering in this respect. Some commentators, while agreeing that even the Templars had declined in spirituality along with all other religious orders, depicted them as having previously been among the most spiritual of the religious orders. This was a far cry from their original foundation, when some had doubted that the order could have a spiritual dimension at all!

So, how far were the Templars’ accusers of 1307 justified in their case against the order? Contemporaries would certainly have agreed with the charge that they lied and cheated in order to satisfy their greed. Yet there is no hint before 1500 that the Templars did not carry out the sacraments; although the Teutonic order were accused of impeding the sacraments in Prussia. It was true that the proceedings of the order’s chapter meetings were kept secret, but this was the custom among military orders.

The accusation that the order did not practice charity and hospitality may have sprung from the rivalry between the Temple and the Hospital. The Hospitallers were always at pains to emphasise their dual hospitable-military role, in contrast to the solely military role of the Templars. A few contemporaries were struck by the difference: a German pilgrim, John of Würzburg, remarked dismissively in around 1170 that the Temple’s charitable giving was not a tenth of the Hospital’s. Of course, the Order of the Temple did practise charity, as it was obliged to do under its religious rule, but most contemporaries seemed to have regarded the defence of pilgrims as charity in itself.

There is no indication before 1300 of public scandal over the order abusing admission procedures, or of heresy, idolatry or homosexuality within the order. Only the Hospital was accused of heresy. Interestingly, the Teutonic Knights’ rivals in Livonia were accusing them of pagan practices and witchcraft by 1306. This suggests that such charges were politically motivated, rather than based on fact.

The accusations of denial of Christ, sodomy and idolatry had been standard accusations against heretics for centuries, most recently against the Waldensians and the Cathars. Therefore, to accuse a rival of such. crimes was to accuse them of heresy. Orthodox Christian belief was believed to be essential for the health of society and to ensure God’s favour. Heresy was seen as a disease which must be eradicated before it overcame the whole Christian body. Powerful political rivals could use the charge of heresy with devastating effect against their opponents: it had been deployed by Pope Innocent IV against the emperor Frederick Il during the 1240s, and from 1303 by Philip IV’s government against Pope Boniface Vlll, who had infuriated Philip by asserting the supremacy of the church over secular rulers. Boniface was accused of heresy, sodomy, witchcraft and magic. Later Guichard, Bishop of Troyes, and Louis of Nevers, son of the Count of Flanders, were accused of similar crimes after incurring Philip’s enmity.

Certainly any wealthy, privileged religious order with close ties to the papacy, such as the Cistercians, Friars, Hospitallers or Templars, was likely to incur a monarch’s enmity. Yet the Templars were no more disliked than other military orders, and less criticised than some other religious orders. They had a long history of faithful service to the French crown. So why were they singled out for attack?

The Templars had a special position in the defence of the Holy land. According to Jacquemart Giélée, the brothers claimed to be sole ‘Defenders of the Holy Church’. They were depicted as principal defenders of the Holy Land by the Parisian poet Rutebuef in 1277, Templars were mentioned in chronicles and literature in general more than other military orders. They were invariably listed first whenever anyone thought about military orders. They had been the first military order, and were one of the richest and most far-flung. Yet this particular prominence also left them particularly vulnerable when they failed in their duty.

When the city of Acre finally fell to the Muslims in May 1291, several reports of the disaster depicted the Templars as chiefly responsible for the defence of the city. The chronicler of Erfurt, writing in the summer of 1291, depicted the Templars dying like true knights of Christ, fighting to the last. Thaddeo of Naples, a priest, praised the courage of the brothers of the military orders who died, and portrayed the death of the master of the Temple, William of Beaujeu, as the decisive blow which led to the loss of the Holy Land. For after Acre fell, the remaining Latin Christian possessions in the East surrendered to the Muslims.

But the order’s prominence could also be its undoing. The most popular account of the defeat, which was reproduced in many chronicles, dismissed the Templars as totally ineffective and only concerned to save their treasure. The true hero of the tragedy was now Brother Matthew of Claremont, marshal of the Hospital, who was ‘a faithful warrior, knight of Christ’, and died a martyr’s death. Ricoldo of Monte Cruce, a Dominican Friar who was on a preaching mission in the Middle East when he heard of the disaster, compared William of Beaujeu to the notorious King Ahab, husband of Queen Jezebel and the worst king of Israel in the Old Testament. Certainly he was an excellent soldier, but God rejected him because of his sins. The loss of Acre was not mentioned. among the charges brought against the Templars in 1307, but it was understood that the brothers’ alleged abuses were responsible for the disaster.

From the evidence, the famous, shocking charges brought against the Templars in 1307 were unknown before 1300. The order was certainly guilty of Fraud and unscrupulous greed, but so too were other religious orders. The brothers’ real crime was their failure to protect the Holy Land after claiming to be solely responsible for its defence.

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Just Label It – This July 4th, Take a Minute to To Voice Your Right To Know – July 3, 2013

Just Label It


Dear Reader,

It’s that time of year again, when we celebrate our country’s birth and freedom with delicious barbecues, fun parades, and magnificent firework displays. Yet when it comes to choosing a celebratory meal, Americans are left in the dark, lacking the ability to know what they’re buying and feeding their families.

We all deserve to know how our food is produced, so we can make informed consumer choices. It’s time for Washington to listen to American consumers, and require labeling of genetically engineered foods so that moms, dads, and countless other Americans can choose what’s best for their families.

This year, we’ve already had many successes. Connecticut became the first state to pass GE labeling legislation, with many states not far behind. The USDA extended review of the controversial 2,4-D corn, after thousands of consumers voiced their concern. And just last week, the Senate Appropriations Committee passed an amendment to label genetically engineered salmon. There’s no way we can stop now – not with this kind of momentum.

This July 4thyou can lend a hand by spreading the word.  Help us reach our patriotic goal of 1776 new signatures on the FDA petition by sharing the image below with friends and family on Facebook.

Stand up for your Right to Know this Independence Day – click to share this image on Facebook:


The more people who see this image and take action, the more we can build pressure on the FDA and members of Congress to require labeling. Please take a minute to share this image on Facebook, and make sure all your friends and family know why it’s important to label genetically engineered foods.

Not on Facebook? 
Just click forward to send this email to your friends and family!

Thanks for all that you’ve done to raise awareness about labeling genetically engineered foods.

Have a happy and healthy July 4th!

Katey Parker
Partnerships & Media Manager
Just Label It

2 Special Events for the Serious Gnostic Seeker & Spiritual Warrior

Two Special Upcoming Events 
For the Serious Gnostic Seeker
and Spiritual Warrior
Mystical Journey to Peru August 11-22
Djedhi Templar Corps Training October 12-16


Mystical Journey to Peru August 11-22

Learn the Secret Mysteries and Rites of the 

Ancient Amarus (Serpents) and 
Andean Shamans of Peru

he Amarus of Peru were the Gnostic Masters (aka Serpents of Wisdom) who under the leadership of Aramu Muru anciently brought their gnostic tradition from the Pacific Continent of MU to the Andes. Under the name of Manco Kapac, Aramu Muru founded the Inca Empire and its lineages of enlightened priests and monarchs named Kapac (spiritually wealthy) and Amaru, including Tupac Amaru.




 Inca Tupac Amaru

The Amarus built the huge megalithic temples that still cling to the towering mountains of Peru. Through certain Andean Societies and Andean Shamans their Gnostic Wisdom and Shamanic Rites live on within these temples.


You will Visit the Temples of:

Cuzco, Sacsayhuman, Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu,

Tambo Machay, Pisac, Quillarumiyoc


with special Post Tour Excursions to

Lake Titicaca – Tiahunaco

 & Marca Wasi


At each of these temples: 

The Mysteries of the Amarus will be shared

There will Andean Shamanic Rites

and powerful Meditations  



Your Tour Leaders:

 Mark Amaru Pinkham & Andrea Mikana-Pinkham, Andean Shamanic Practitioners and

initiates of the Amaru Tradition


Andrea Mikana-Pinkham, the Director of Sacred Sites Journey, has been to Peru more than 30 times over the past 20 years. During this period she has become a Mesa Carrier in the Andean Shamanic tradition and an intiate of both the Brotherhood of the Solar Disc and Brotherhood of the Sun, two Andean Societies descended from Aramu Muru.

Mark Amaru Pinkham is the author of


The Return of the Serpents of Wisdomwhich has become one of the definitive books on the Amarus and other sects of the Serpent Masters around the globe. Mark apprenticed with an Andean Shaman for three years and is a Mesa Carrier. He has also been initiated into the Brotherhood of the Solar Disc and the Brotherhood of the Sun.

This Sacred Journey to Peru is filling up fast!

To learn more about this journey and to register, visit:




Djedhi Templar Corps Training 
October 12-16
Sedona, Arizona
for Both Sexes and All Ages 18 +


The Djedhi Templar Corps Training is a revival of the training once learned by spiritual warriors and knights in many parts of the world. Such spiritual warriors achieved Self-Mastery and Mastery of both the Serpent Power (the Force) and the Serpent Wisdom (Gnosis – inner, intuitive wisdom and guidance). These Masters were typically accorded names that denoted their Serpent Mastery. The Djedhi Templar Corps is a revival of an Egyptian branch of these ancient Serpent Knights, known as the Djedhi. The Djedhi acquired their title and earned their “knighthood” by becoming Masters of the inner Serpent Power, the “Dj,” which they led up the spine, the “Djed” column, to the Third Eye to awaken the inner Serpent Wisdom or Gnosis. The symbol of their accomplishment was a band of gold that encircled their head and covered the Third Eye.  
The Philosophy of the Djedhi Templars
Hashita Self-Defense
Mastery of the Dragon Force
Egyptian Djedhi Mysteries
Practices to Raise the Serpent Power 
Practices to Open the Third Eye of Gnosis
Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Power Mantras
The Teachers:

Mark Amaru Pinkham KGCTpl is the Grand Prior of The International Order of Gnostic Templars (, which was formed to revive the spiritual, alchemical and Gnostic rites and practices of the original Knights Templar.  Mark has written five books on the ancient traditions of the Gnostic Adepts, including the Knights Templar and the Djedhi of Egypt.


In the Djedhi Templar Corps Training Mark teaches Mastery of the Serpent Power and activation of the Gnostic Serpent Wisdom, as well as Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Alchemy, Astrology, Sacred Geometry, Healing Skills, and Djedhi Templar Philosophy.




Andrea Mikana-Pinkham KGCTpl is the Grand Prioress of The International Order of Gnostic Templars. Andrea is an intuitive channel who has been offering classes and both group and private readings since 1987. Andrea is also the Director of Sacred Sites Journeys and for the past 20 years has led spiritual pilgrimages to the sacred temples, pyramids and vortex sites around the globe. She has studied the esoteric mysteries in some of these countries directly from the initiated Elders, especially in India, Egypt and Peru.

Andrea teaches the Egyptian Mysteries and gives instruction on developing Gnostic Awareness and Guidance in the Djedhi Templar Corps Training.







George Zarkov KCTpl is a Fisher King (Commander) of The International Order of Gnostic Templars and director of the Archangel Michael Knight Templar Commandery and Preceptory in Sofia, Bulgaria.


George is a high ranking black belt in Aikido and Jiu Jitsu. In his dojo in Sofia he teaches both these martial art forms as well as the Self-Defense System ofHashita, a self-defense system that was specially developed for use by theIsreali Armed Forces. Hashita is one of the most intensive and lethal forms of self-defense known in the world.

George has demonstrated some of his martial art techniques in many of the movies of Steven Seagal, wherein he was the actor’s double.

In the Djedhi Templar Corps Training George teaches Hashita and other forms of self defense and weaponry.





Are you ready to become a Djedhi Templar Knight?



For more information about the training, please visit


Integrative Archaeology and Hidden Histories of Egypt











February 6-19 – 2014


Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D.  


  Luminous Ima Antonio



We are proud to present this unique, luxurious and fun journey to Egypt.  We invite you to take some time to dream and meditate about joining us.  This is a small group that will travel gracefully through Egypt to discover the messages awaiting us – look into the hidden histories, and amuse ourselves among the remnants of the distant past.  Great discoveries await – personal, spiritual and historical….what will you find and have to share?




Dennis Harness Vedic AstrologerDennis M. Harness, Ph.D is professional astrologer and cross-cultural mythologist with a doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology. For over a decade, Dennis has lead mystical educational tours to Greece, India and Egypt. He is the author of The Nakshatras: The Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology. Dr. Harness is currently working on two new books….The Karmic Code and Sacred Sites of Ancient Greece. 




Luminous Ima Antonio is the Founder/Director of the Integrative Archaeology Foundation (501 C-3) and an  Inter-dimensional Researcher of Sacred Places.  She is the author of Spiritual Archaeology: the essential guide for visiting sacred sites and power places and is currently working on books on Sacred Places and Hidden Histories. Summer of 2013 initiates the book about Easter Island.  Luminous leads journeys to Sacred Places worldwide. CLICK HERE to order the book.  





INCLUDES:  Private Entrance to the Great Pyramid, Private time between the Paws of the Great Sphinx, Private time and ceremony at the Temple of Philae (Temple of Isis).


We stay at the Pyramids at the exquisite Mena House Hotel:




 CLICK HERE to see the video of our hotel in Cairo






             CLICK HERE to see the video of the yacht!                      







Day 1, Depart for Cairo

Leave for Cairo, Egypt.  Plan your flight for an early morning arrival in Cairo.


Day 2, Arrive Cairo

Arrive at Cairo airport where you will be met by our Event and Tour Manager who will assist you through customs and immigration before transferring us to our luxury accommodations at the Mena House.  Today we relax, settle in and gather for a casual Spiritual Archaeology Seminar – learn a few basic tools for our explorations of Egypt.  Our education will be ongoing throughout the journey.


Day 3, Giza Plateau / Sphinx / Sakkara:   

Today, we start our tour with a very special private visit to the Giza Plateau, for our group exclusively.  Early in the morning, the energy is fresh and you can connect with the heartbeat of the earth. Listen closely as you awaken and greet the sunrise dress at the Valley Temple of Chephren.  You will be standing between the Paws of The Great Sphinx.  Dr. Robert Schoch and others now contend the Sphinx dates back to 5,000 – 7,000 BC – to a time traditionalists say humans were not technologically capable of such a feat.  What will you discover standing between the Paws of the Great Sphinx? Who was responsible for this and many of the other structures we will visit during our journey in Egypt?  What does the great stone cat have to tell you?

As the day breaks, you will hear the sounds of the entire city being called to prayer. We open our hearts and feel the energy of the spirits of Egypt.  We continue on to touch and feel some of the most awesome wonders of the world-the Pyramids of the Giza Plateau.  Our guide, who is an encyclopedia of Egyptology, will give us detailed examinations of various controversial theories surrounding these amazing structures…if we should desire it.

Back to our hotel for hot buffet breakfast.

This afternoon we travel by luxury bus to Sakkara, where we visit the oldest pyramid, the Step Pyramid of Djoser, and its temple of sound and healing. Sakkara was masterminded by Imhotep, the high priest, vizier and architect to King Djoser during Dynasty III. This magnificent site includes other Old Kingdom tombs, among them those that hold the earliest known hieroglyphs, the Pyramid Texts that were the model for the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Overnight                                                                                    (Breakfast, lunch)


Day 4, Cairo Museum / Khan El Khalili Bazaar / Flight to Aswan

We visit to the Egyptian Museum of Cairo to view the spiritual legacy of priest kings, queens, scribes and healers. The museum holds an astounding collection of Egyptian antiquities and exhibits over 120,000 artifacts, including those from the tomb of Tutankhamun.

Later we will have lunch and opportunities to shop at the Khan Khalili Bazaar. The atmosphere of this traditional market, together with the labyrinth layout of the streets, gives you a glimpse into what medieval markets were like. Later today we take our flight to Aswan and board our private yacht, the Afandina, our home on the Nile. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)


Day 5, Felucca / Elephantine Island

Free time this morning.  Later in the day we visit to the mythical origin of the Nile River and the home of Nubian kings and queens during the later dynasties of Egypt.  We can also enjoy a felucca sail around Elephantine Island. Overnight on the Afandina.                                                                                                                                  (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)


Day 6, Aswan / Abu Simble / Aswan

This morning we drive into the Sahara desert to Abu Simble.  Hewn of a mountain for Ramesses II, this magnificent temple is both an ancient and modern engineering marvel. You will visit Abu Simbel temples which are the symbol of the international campaign for the salvage of the Nubian monuments, the temples II and his beloved wife Nefertari. You then return back to our boat in Aswan to enjoy your dinner in a peaceful atmosphere. Overnight on the Afandina.                                                           (Breakfast, lunch Dinner)


Day 7, Philae/Temple of Isis/Sail to Kom Ombo

In our private sunrise meditation and ritual we return to the source of all, the Great Mother, to receive the blessings of Isis at her beautiful island Temple at Philae. This isle represents a fusion of three great civilizations – Egyptian, Greek and Roman.  The presence of Isis is palpable in the inner sanctum, the Holy of Holies of her temple. Later we sail to Kom Ombo.  Overnight on the Afandina.                                                               (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)


Day 8, Kom Ombo/Sail to Edfu

At Kom Ombo, we visit the only dual temple in Egypt. This dramatic temple poised between the edge of the river and the encroaching desert sand was dedicated to two gods – Sobek the crocodile god of strength, fortitude, fertility and rebirth, and Horus the hawk-headed son of Isis and Osiris. The duality of light/ dark, yin/yang, conscious/unconscious is apparent in this ancient site. One of the most powerful places in Kom Ombo is the Seat of Neutrality, which is placed on the exact centerline between the parts of the temple that are dedicated to Horus/Sobek and Light/Dark. We will dock near Edfu for the night. Overnight Afandina.  (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner)


Day 9, Edfu/Nile Sail

Early this morning we visit Edfu and the Temple of Horus, one of the most beautifully preserved in Egypt. When you approach the temple complex, you become aware of its enormous dimensions, with a vast courtyard, a forest of towering columns and high ceilings. The side chambers of the Temple of Horus show the complexity of ancient rites; they include a healing chamber, a perfumery, and singers’ rooms.  One chamber, called the House of Life, stored all of the sacred texts used in seasonal and daily rituals.Horus is associated with higher vision and clarity. The eye of Horus greatly relates to his myth and power. The left eye represents the lunar, the moon, the intuitive, the feminine energy. The right eye is connected to the solar, the masculine, the action, and the yang energy. Both are necessary for true power to exist. In a private empowerment we will work with balancing the lunar and the solar energies inside of us and awaken our intuitive centers to be able to experience a higher perspective. After lunch we will continue our sail to Esna. Overnight on the Afandina.                                                                                                                                              (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)


Day 10, Sailing from Esna to Karnak temple

We spend a day of sailing from Esna to Luxor.

In the afternoon we visit to the magnificent Karnak Temple. Karnak is the biggest temple complex in Egypt – and a very special place. It is dedicated to the Gods Amun and Mut. As you enter, you walk between a row of rams-headed sphinxes, which originally connected Karnak with Luxor Temple two miles away. Take some time to visit the sacred lake of Karnak, ask for purification and place your intention in your mind’s eye into the lake.

Outside the main halls is a small chapel dedicated to Sekhmet, her consort Ptah and their son Nefertum. Sekhmet is the lioness Goddess of compassion and courage. She is associated with feminine fire and healing through destruction. She is a renowned healer and known for her magic and ability to hunt down an imbalance at its origin. In a potent private initiation we will honor the Goddess and receive the gift of courage to be our authentic selves.                                                                                (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)


Day 11, Luxor Temple

We have the morning free to explore Luxor’s market, museum, and other fascinating sites. This evening we will pay a night visit to the Temple of Luxor and work with the brilliance of the human body. Here we are able to see that this temple is built like a human body–the outer layers represent the feet and as we move deeper into the temple, we move towards the head, where the holy of holies, the inner sanctuary is located. This is a wonderful place to focus on physical healing. As you walk through the body of this temple, notice how your body feels and re-member radiant health. Awaken the parts of you that are sleeping, activate divinity codes and turn on your inner light.                                                                               (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)


Day 12, Dendera/Abydos

This morning we head to Dendera to visit the exquisite temple dedicated to Hathor, the goddess of abundance, love and joy. The temple is built with a zodiacal ceiling that recalls the origins of Egypt. On the rooftop where Hathor priests and priestesses gathered for their celebrations thousands of years ago, we reconnect to our destinies. We then continue north to the temple at Abydos, dedicated to Osiris and housing the nine great beings (the Ennead). This temple rests next to and above the most ancient Osirion, one of the premier power places on the planet. It includes a more recent temple built by Seti I, which contains the most beautiful bas relief of any temple in Egypt.                  (Breakfast, Lunch, dinner)


Day 13, West Bank / Flight to Cairo

This morning we make a sunrise pilgrimage to Deir el Bahari, the funerary temple of the female pharaoh Hatshepsut. We also visit the Necropolis of Thebes on the West Bank of the Nile. The West Bank where the Valley of Kings holds the tombs of the pharaohs that are inscribed with sacred transformative texts, including the books of knowing light and dark, the book of what is in the underworld, the book of caverns, and naming and taming the hours of the night. Here are the tombs of Tutankhamun, Ramses III and VII, Seti I, Thutmosis III, and many others.  We will also visit the Colossi of Memnon.

We take an evening flight to Cairo, where we will check into our hotel in Giza. (Breakfast)


Day 14, Great Pyramid/ Farewell Dinner

In the morning we will have a special private visit inside the Great Pyramid with a culminating initiation in the King’s chamber. Here, we unite our life story with the story of those who have come before

 us and those who will come after as we embrace the transformation that we have experienced. 

Afterward we have our farewell dinner to share our Egyptian experience.  Overnight (Breakfast, Dinner)

Day 15, Farewell to Egypt/ Final Departure

We transfer to Cairo airport for final departure for home.  We take the sights, sounds, smells and discoveries  of Egypt with us to recall our time together.  What has changed? What have we realized or remembered that can guide us through the times ahead?   (Breakfast) 






Private time for our group only between the Paws of the Sphinx                                               Private time for our group only in the Great Pyramid                                                                   Private visit to Temple of Isis                                                                                                         04 nights at the exquisite Mena House in Cairo                                                                             09 nights on Afandina private Yacht                                                                                                 Greeting, assistance and transport at airports in all cities in Egypt Egypt                                 All touring and transfers in air-conditioned motor coach.                                                             Entrance fees to all visits mentioned in the above itinerary                                                         In-Country Airfares    

Fully escorted by Dennis Harness and Luminous Ima Antonio 

Daily buffet breakfast at hotel & cruise                                                                                           Full board on Afandina Yacht including Breakfast, lunch & dinner                                             Egyptian spiritual guide throughout                                                                                                 All hotels taxes, service charges and government sales tax                                                         Luggage handling at all airports                                                                                                         Gratuities to Egyptian guides and drivers



International Airfares to and from Cairo                                                                                          Meals and drinks, laundry, telephone calls, etc, not specified herein                                           Travel & health Insurance and other items of a personal nature  nature                                   Gratuities for Tour Escorts


CLICK HERE to see the full terms and conditions of the journey.  By sending your non-refundable deposit, you agree that you have read and understand the terms and conditions of the journey and will comply. 


NOTE:  We have only 14 spaces available on the yacht with two people sharing a room.  Private rooms are available on the yacht, reflected in pricing below.  



Double Occupancy – 2 people sharing a room $5,950.00                                                             Single Supplement for Hotels only  $6,750.00                                                                               Single Occupancy – Private Room – 1 person, including private cabin on yacht $8,850.00   

Non-Refundable Deposit – $950.00 – Due Now

Prices above are for payments by check, money order, or wired funds.  Credit card transactions add 4% service fee.


Make Checks Payable to:


Integrative Archaeology Foundation 


Mail to: 


 Luminous Ima Antonio                                                                                                                       POB 670                                                                                                                                                Sedona, Arizona 86339


For any additional questions or information–CONTACT:  

Dennis:                                                                                                      Luminous:


30 Jun
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Mobile Accounting by Laura Sabbagh, CPA

Mobile Accounting

If you are the type of person who loves mobile apps, texting, and getting your email on your phone, then you’re in for a treat: accounting has finally come around to your smartphone. Here are a couple of great developments you can try so you can stay on top of your numbers.
Accounting Apps
For users of QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks Online, an app is available to help you stay on top of your accounts receivables. You can send invoices, view and update customer information, mark an invoice paid, and check up on customers’ balances.
If you are on the Xero cloud accounting system, the Xero Touch app is comprehensive, showing a dashboard of all of your major cash account balances and allowing you to perform numerous accounting functions on your phone. On the accounts receivable side, you can view and re-send invoices, check customer information, and view account balances.
In the Xero app, you can snap a picture of a receipt and upload it right on the spot. This helps avoid lost receipts and decreases paper handling, plus the cool factor is high!
These apps work on the iPhone, iPad, and Android. With QuickBooks, there is a small monthly charge after a free trial, and with Xero, the app is free with your Xero subscription.
Laura Sabbagh, CPA


Laura Sabbagh, CPA
3280 Sunrise Highway, #175
Wantagh, NY  11793
(516) 532-4839
Visit Our Website